I can understand there are atheists of all kind, but I can't help but notice a hand full of "atheists", who pop up on a regular basis through forums, that are VERY in tune with ALL the irrational philosophies of the evangelist right. From the homophobic remarks, to a blatant support of politicians with very well known theocratic view points. I won't name, names, but they seem to only post with the intent to antagonize and derail conversations, rather than discuss. They use the very same methods and diatribe often seen by S.E. Cupp.

Are these people trolling, maybe testing to see if they can destabilize the forum conversations, or is It that some people fail to reboot their philosophies after leaving religion?

Any thoughts?

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John D

Thanks for your prompt explaination.

Most active people on AN are far above average in education and intelligence, having become atheists as a very conscious mental self-evaluation.  

It is possible, that some people appear as trolls, even though they are not even aware of trolling.  They may have personal reasons to define themselves as atheists, even though they are hardly capable of comprehending the real meaning.  

There are people, who accept labels for themselves for secondary benefits without really understanding the meaning of the label.   They may just want to belong to a group, they admire some role model, but they lack the comprehension of what they are adhering to.    They may find some label as cool because of their buddies or they imitate a celebrity.    

As an example, I know someone, who after an average christian upbringing first became in his own self-labeling a mormon, then a buddhist, then an atheist, and by now he calls himself a daoist.    He was convinced to really be everything in this list, he just had no clue, that it was only skin deep.  

Some apparent trolls may just lack the mental capacity to be aware, what atheism really means.

John, do you imply, that I am a "pompous self-righteous know-it-all"?

"pompous self righteous know-it-all?"

If it is self-righteousness to claim someone who speaks against homo rights doesn't have adequate mental capacity to progress humane concepts of empathy.

I'll gladly take the title...

Maruli Marulaki

What you say is not wrong and could be a reality in some cases, but evrybody who may be "trolling" may not be so simple minded. Some of them at least are fake atheists.

I am not denying the existence of trolls and consciously fake atheists.   I was just pointing out, that the problem can be more complex than just being either genuine or troll.  

That's kind of why I wonder if some could still be in a transitional state. Still culturally driven to side with religious views.

Does he ever speak about atheism?

A person who understands atheism and the faults of religions, and can defend it well MUST(ok maybe not MUST, it is highly unlikely that a person can know all that and keep being religious) be an atheist - but the opposite cannot be said of religious people.

I can fake religious people perfectly well :)

Hate for religion or god can never be a cause for true atheism. If someone's mind has stopped here, then his development as an atheist has stalled. Being a free thinker and a rationalist is an absolute requirement for an atheist. Otherwise an theist will not be analytical and be able to address related issues.


There was this guy in our Turkish forum that used to be a very active Muslim that turned to atheism. Some among us were not convinced about him, but after reading his first 10 posts I was :) He understood "it".

We get many "fake atheists" and the difference is usually obvious, I was just pointing that out.

I think that perhaps I needed to elaborate, to me a person who understands the faults of religions is not "God, why did you let my son die?", "Why did god force Adam's children to have incest sex?". 

It is more like someone who understands that religious logic is completely circular and self-approving, any real evidence we have on the matter basically screams "your book is wrong" and that those guys who wrote those books were simply people thought that sky was a dome (among their many other shortcomings).

Being that the "island" person has made all of one post, this person might be a troll. Others have posted discussions not too favorable of homosexuality and I don't think they were fake atheists. Some of the people who posted were from parts of the world where gay rights/understanding hasn't come about yet. Madhukar posted a discussion like this and got flamed pretty well. I don't think he was a troll but some of the things he posted were along the lines of demonizing gay people because of sex acts. Still I think he was not trying to be offensive. One of the other participants I thought was a troll just because of the demeaning way he talked (and of course the "if everyone was gay humanity would go extinct"...facepalm). Another person who posted an anti-gay discussion was some guy who said homophobia was good based on some drivel about "it's a defense mechanism against sexually transmitted diseases"...hmm, because only gay people have STDs, right? And everyone knows STDs are prevented by disapproving of homosexuals.


Yeah why not just take away everyone's sexual freedom and the STD problem is no more!

Who needs condoms, right?


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