I can understand there are atheists of all kind, but I can't help but notice a hand full of "atheists", who pop up on a regular basis through forums, that are VERY in tune with ALL the irrational philosophies of the evangelist right. From the homophobic remarks, to a blatant support of politicians with very well known theocratic view points. I won't name, names, but they seem to only post with the intent to antagonize and derail conversations, rather than discuss. They use the very same methods and diatribe often seen by S.E. Cupp.

Are these people trolling, maybe testing to see if they can destabilize the forum conversations, or is It that some people fail to reboot their philosophies after leaving religion?

Any thoughts?

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I'm no fake! There sure are a few indeed! Holy scriptures and debates over creation? whipe they arse w/it. We got the Constitution to uphold! 2012
Relentless, just like their bigoted corruptions through faith-fraud!

If there is a question about morals, it is the question of how responsible and considerate a person treats another person.    With respect and appreciation as a valued partner or as a body to be used.    Reciprocally respecting and responsible partners can be homo or hetero.   Abusive degrading another by promisuity can also be done between homos and between heteros.   

I have much more sympathy for monogamous homosexual couples than I have for promiscuous heterosexual males behaving like dogs in the gutter.

Maruli Marulaki

You have left out monogamous heterosexuals. They constitute the largest portion of the society and it would be interesting to know, in your own words, what you think of them.

(I am one of tthose monogamous heterosexuals, so I am interested)

Madhukar, you have misunderstood the gist of my posting.   This was a reply to people discriminating against homosexuality.   I was only saying, that all monogamy, even when it is homosexual, is more considerate and responsible than is any form of promiscuity.   My point is that only the consideration for others' feelings by monogamy is important, not the question, if the respected partner is of the same or other gender.  

I think that we should undertake to define all attributes of atheism, by mutual consent. Mrerely not believing in god may not make a complete atheist. This is what appears from a few comments.

Of course they may have been sent here by Dembski of "The Discovery Institute" think I'm joking then follow the link below


Then this message appears at RD.net 2 days ago on a thread last active in 2006, please note the reference to "homework" in the message

  "Comment 135 by Moderator

Moderators' message

Since we have a sudden influx of new posters on this old thread, it seems likely that commenting here has indeed been set as homework somewhere. That is fine, and you are all welcome, but please note that our Terms of Use apply to all users of the site, even if you are not planning on staying around.

So - this is a site for serious discussion, not standard internet chat, and we do expect users to treat other users with a modicum of courtesy.

Thank you

The moderators

Terms of Use

I think some instructions need to be displayed on every discussion page. I first suggest is that there should be no personal attacs and second is that there should not be any attempts to create controversies due to personal grudges.

Matt vdb

 once again you indulge yourself with the argument from personal incredulity which amounts to "I don't believe it happens so it did'nt so there" I refer you to my post on page 7 of this discussion, Back to the drawing board for you little boy

atheist are always polite

just like me :-P


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