Fallacious GOP Candidate, Ted Cruz, Dodges Questions Consistently Inserting Red Herrings!

Here is Ted Cruz dodging questions and inserting red herrings and moving the goalposts to avoid answering the questions directly.

He is also adding in False Analogy fallacies like Christians asking Rabbis or Imams to perform their weddings. Such stupidity only decries Cruz as a FRAUD!

Cruz obviously hates gays and dodges the bullet consistently.

The facial expressions while being question gives his hatred away, as well.

Cruz also commits the  Straw Man fallacy when he brings up "some activists", he is using these false activists as straw men, and to dodge the question, so they are also red herrings.

People would have to be totally brain dead to vote for such a Fraud!


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Cruz is a bunko salesman who is using a god myth to sell slavery to us and our children.

I  can't say that I'm surprised.  Cruz is little different from Santorum in this regard.  He doesn't want to face up to his own bigotry or his distortion of the facts, so he misdirects and does the duck-dodge-hide routine the best he can.  I'd love to see an interview of him with someone like Lesley Stahl or John Dickerson or someone who would be willing to call him on his bullshit and force an answer ... though that's not likely to happen.

Wouldn't bother me to see a similar interview with Trump, either.  Damn, where's Mike Wallace when we NEED him?

First, look at the 'news' outlet he is speaking to. Newsmax is an extremist right wing propaganda organization, with a Xtian bigoted agenda to promote. So, of course they're going to give voice to this fraud. He's one of them. They feed off each other. They are just as dishonest and filled with hate as he is. Loren's right. Put Cruz in front of a real journalist and he'll sound like Ralph Cramden in the Honeymooners. Hommina, hommina, hommina, hommina.........

wish there was somewhere I could escape to but doesn't appear to be.  looks like we will have to slug it out with these religious fascists. did we really win WWII?




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