What I am trying to do here is report something we see almost daily on TV about religious views that is false and yet we except it as truth without thinking and without question.

   Recently I was watching and old re-run of "Wanted Dead or Alive" with Steve McQueen. Many of you may remember this show in which McQueen played bounty hunter, Josh Randall. This particular episode involved a young nun that Randall ended up traveling with.

   For starters, Sister Grace, as she was called is not her real name. Most of us know that Catholics do change names of both male and female and the real name of the person is not used. This practice alone is almost like a person playing a role or a part rather than anything to do with reality.

   Sister Grace kept wanting to find a church where she could pray. At last they found one and she went inside and walked up front, moved her right hand around over her head and shoulders a bit, and then exited the building. Since when is this prayer?

  The good sister also wanted to get Randall into a church where he could hear a good sermon. At the end of the program he agreed that someday he might do that. What sermon? It's 1875 and the Catholic service would involve a Priest moving his right hand around strangely about his head and shoulders and he would be speaking in Latin. Mr. Randall would not be able to understand anything.

   The original series ran from 1958 to 1961 but similar misrepresentations of religious belief and practice is shown repeatedly in television and movies. The idea appears to be to show us that god is good for us and that god and religion are real. We swallow it hook, line, and sinker without realizing that the perpetrators are like actors on a stage who cannot even use their real names. This practice is not confined to Catholicism alone.

   It's just one more falsehood of religious belief. Have you noticed anything similar?


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Another example I can think of is Marjoe Gortner who became a preacher in the late 1940's at age 4. He was a total product of his parents and his stage name ?Marjoe" is reported to be a combination of the names Mary and Joseph. In 1972 he was instrumental in the making of the film "Marjoe" which exposed Evangelical fundamentalist preachers.

The big problem of humanity itself is that it excepts these things in the real world as a reality, and that reality is also reinforced by views of television and movie media falsehood.

"There is more religion about the Bible than in the Bible" David La Deau There is also more religious beliefs about religion than there is in religion. For instance theist love to assert th a atheism is a religion. Atheism is baby definition a lack of belief.

I have been doing a study on how Christianity has many times nothing to do with what early Christians believed. For example no trinity, no virgin birth etc. If Christians went back to the "old beliefs" they would have to jettison these beliefs. Most of the modern practices are borrowed from other pagan sources anyway.

One thing I've noticed when talking to most Christians is they don't even know what they are "supposed" to believe according to their professed faith(church) I often have to explain to them what their church believes, that is what they claim to believe. If they claim to be a Baptist they are claiming a belief system. Why do I the atheist have to explain to them what that is? 

The news media and Hollywood care even less about actual beliefs. They simply have a story to tell. Come to think of it that seems to be the position of most theist, thus the media and Hollywood can get away with disseminating false information without ever being called out on it.

You are exactly correct.

Religion follows a script and the modern theist often does not see the script change, or notice when a change occurs. Evangelical belief changes often. This happens because of apologists who write books and gain a following as well as preachers spouting beliefs from behind the pulpit. They go hand in hand. Maybe people get tired of the same old thing but they never tell you that. They just change it.

The bible speaks of a bodily resurrection but many today no longer believe this.(1Thessalonians 4:16)  It cannot be that Jesus was calling "souls" out of the grave because theists usually think their "soul" was with Jesus at death anyway. Many modern believers think that god is a "big spark" and they will be the "little spark" gathered around him in heaven after death. I had a Pentecostal tell me this once. Many in the Church of Christ appear to believe it as well.

What a wonderful revelation. Now I get to die and be a spark. Is this because nobody wants to admit that you die and your spark goes out? Leave it to religion in and out of the media to change doctrine as well as change names. This is all make believe.

Now I have watched an old episode of "The Rifleman" where Lucas McCain's son, Mark, is thrown from his horse and twists a nerve in his spine.. Mark can no longer walk because of the accident, but his is OK by the end of the show because they soaked his feet in a warm salt spring. I know the feet and legs are connected but what does this have to do with a nerve in his spine? Maybe it's the wick effect.

Is it any wonder that Evangelicals believe that Paul prayed over aprons and handkerchiefs (Acts 19:12) and these items were taken to the sick and placed on their bodies causing them to be healed and even have evil spirits come out of them? Well, it's in the Buybull.

TV is one of my favorite forms of media but the misinformation we encounter daily remains so unawares to us that it becomes easy to believe fairybook stories.

Michal, an important insight into religion, pretending to know something that isn't so. 

You wrote, "Catholics do change names of both male and female and the real name of the person is not used. This practice alone is almost like a person playing a role or a part rather than anything to do with reality.

I agree with you Michael. My pet peeve is people thanking god for curing them. About an hour ago I ran into an old friend who is recovering from breast cancer. When I asked how she was she said thanks to the good Lord I'm doing fine. I replied that I would thank the doctors. That has became my standard reply to the people who thank God.




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