Family members praying or thinking of you, when you need their help not their thoughts

I have family members who are a bit self-absorbed and spend time only when it fits in their schedule.  Then they say "Oh well I've been praying for you" and “holding you in my thoughts” and "sending you love every day!"  I feel like they think off the hook and they don't have to feel obligated to give me any kind of assistance, and they don't have to feel guilty about neglecting me, because in their mind they're with me. In their mind, they've done their part. In their mind, they are helping me, and they are such a good person. It just annoys the crap out of me. Fine, if you want to pray for me. Fine if you want to think about me. But for goodness sakes visit me sometimes.  Don't just say "Oh I've been thinking of you all the time" as if that helped me at all.  Don't tell me how much you're "sending me positive healing energy" when what will really help me is a ride to the doctor. 


It's one thing if family members are too busy to help or even to just spend time, but it just adds insult to injury when they act like they're so helpful and wonderful because they happen to be thinking of me.  Sorry to burst your bubble but when you're adoring the vision of me that you see in your head, that's not the real me; you're creating it yourself and sending all that "love" into a daydream in your own consciousness; I'm over here and not affected by anything you're doing, so Hey! Stop by some time!


Sorry for the rant, so refreshing to be around atheists!





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