I'll tell u right now that I have hid my beliefs for the most part from people who do not respect my beliefs. I have Googled celebrities that have the same beliefs as me and came up with an astonishing number of people that do have the same beliefs. But, on the other hand I have hid my beliefs from family members and friends and have not had any problems until I told my mother that Natalie Portman is an Atheist. She replied with "there's stupidity"...Well, now I wanna keep it with myself and not come out any furhter. What would you suggest on how I should respond to this and any actions I should take...Bunch of shit if you ask me. Sounds like everyone wants you to respect their religion but if you express yourself then your the dumbass...What the hell!!!!! Come on and tell me how to approach this...Thanks and look forward to hearing from you friends...JOHN

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I think mine have figured it out via Facebook messages I've posted. Grandma's sending me more and more Bible Verses. Frankly I've avoided coming out as an atheist to them since I was worried about the stress it might bring them that I was going to hell, but it probably will need to come up eventually.

No offense to your Mom, but the "there's stupidity" comment is a strange one coming from someone who has invisible friends. Think of all the brilliant people who don't share such delusions including EVERY SINGLE REPUTABLE SCIENTIST. People like Dawkins or Hitchens steal the light (although that's not to say they don't deserve it!), but all sorts of brilliant atheists are out there and our numbers are growing. Here's a wikipedia list of just some of the outed famous ones: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_atheists
Well jencarlene, I'm not on here everyday making comments and don't read them everyday and wanted to apologize after someone clarified what u might have said as a misunderstanding. I wanted to apologize and didn't mean what I said but don't push the issue and keep getting smart. Its one of those things that was a misunderstanding so let it go. Sorry again.....JOHN




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