Right Wing Republicans  always  say they are the party  for Family Values........It is  a code word against  Gay Families, Abortion Rights,etc......Why is it so wrong for  two people  of the same sex who truly  love each other and want to raise children ruining  Family Values?........Why is it  so wrong  for  a young woman, who may have been careless with an aggressive boyfriend and got pregnant, to want to get an abortion, because  she  has  big plans  to go to college  and become  a Professional......Why is to wrong for a middle aged  woman with grown children, who accidentally  gets  pregnant, and just  wants  to relax  and enjoy  life  with her  husband without raising   yet another  child, get an abortion?    Why is it wrong  for any woman to have an abortion, if they are not mentally  or financially ready  to raise  a child  properly?.....I have read that a fetus has  no human like  qualities until  the brain is  developed ,which  usually is the end of the second  trimester........Yet  we are being told  by the Right Wing  that  life  begins  at conception......Sadly, many  conceived  embryos never  attach  to the endometrium and a miscarriage  results.....Many  embryos  at this stage  are  just  a mass of cells......Wouldn't  it   make more  sense  to say  Life begins when a fetus can possibly  live on its  own  outside the womb?   As mentioned, this is generally  in the third  trimester or end of the second  trimester....   Why doesn't  anyone  defy  the Right wing on their Family  values........As rational  thinkers, Atheists are better  qualified to define  Family Values......Religion has way too much  influence  on Theists for them to make  rational  judgement  on this  subject......IMO...  

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Let me ask you a counter-question:  is the traditional nuclear family, as championed by Family Values, the root of a lot of evil? 

The nuclear family is at the root of sexism and male dominance.

It's at the root of the oppression of children; it enables child abuse and thus fucks with the minds of billions of adults who were once abused children.

It's perhaps a cause of anti-gay feeling. 

Anything else?

It certainly is not a minority of nuclear families that have been male dominant and cradles of sexism.  That's where people mostly learn gender roles and male dominance. 

That's changing somewhat - we can hope anyway.   

I don't think that the nuclear family is the sole cause of evil. What I think is that the christians' insistence on it as the only standard is far more pernicious and far more likely to be the cause of problems.

They have been called out on their so-called "family values" numerous times, they withdraw into their shell and start shouting ad hominems at everyone in sight. Truth is, THEIR "family values" would destroy more families than they would save. They have a LOOONG history of persecuting homosexual and single straight parents, and have gotten a pass because they hide under the guise of "righteousness". It doesn't matter how their religion offends YOU, but you had better NOT offend their religion.

They aren't interested in a democracy, they are trying to establish enough of a base to change the bill of rights and make a theocracy.

Thankfully, I don't think it will happen either. But they have enough of a base to pressure some states into adopting rather asinine policies.


These kinds of "values" come from an organization that doesn't even know the history of its own holy book, and certainly not as it comes to marriage.  Yet they want to dictate what is normal and moral for everyone else.  This doesn't even mention the faux pas committed by various practitioners of said religion and at the highest levels.  Their claim of morality and righteousness would be laughable if it weren't so tragic.

Long ago, America's BEST Christian, Betty Bowers, laid the business of biblical marriage practices out for all to see.  Sadly, those who NEED to see are likely to be the last to actually LOOK!

The best Betty yet.  Thanks!

little off topic but...

"Why is it wrong  for any woman to have an abortion, if they are not mentally  or financially ready  to raise  a child  properly?"

If it's the man/boy he doesn't get that choice.

It's the male's choice when he refuses to wear a condom, or have a vasectomy.  And he is NEVER trapped into lugging the fetus around for 9 months before it's even born.

Too many men still believe that "no" means "yes."  And you've got to get him to let you put the damn condom on him....not everyone will.

That's rape. that's a separate issue.

The point is: even AFTER sex, a woman has a time frame to change her mind, and this is protected by law as well as feminism.

A man gets no such opt out. Here's a bizarre but true incident. A woman was convicted for seducing an under-age boy (based on the reasonable legal premise that a youngster is not in a position to properly decide these things). She became pregnant, gave birth  and wound up on welfare.

The moment that boy turned 18, the state hit HIM for child support despite the legal presumption that he was too young to fully understand what was going on.




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