Right Wing Republicans  always  say they are the party  for Family Values........It is  a code word against  Gay Families, Abortion Rights,etc......Why is it so wrong for  two people  of the same sex who truly  love each other and want to raise children ruining  Family Values?........Why is it  so wrong  for  a young woman, who may have been careless with an aggressive boyfriend and got pregnant, to want to get an abortion, because  she  has  big plans  to go to college  and become  a Professional......Why is to wrong for a middle aged  woman with grown children, who accidentally  gets  pregnant, and just  wants  to relax  and enjoy  life  with her  husband without raising   yet another  child, get an abortion?    Why is it wrong  for any woman to have an abortion, if they are not mentally  or financially ready  to raise  a child  properly?.....I have read that a fetus has  no human like  qualities until  the brain is  developed ,which  usually is the end of the second  trimester........Yet  we are being told  by the Right Wing  that  life  begins  at conception......Sadly, many  conceived  embryos never  attach  to the endometrium and a miscarriage  results.....Many  embryos  at this stage  are  just  a mass of cells......Wouldn't  it   make more  sense  to say  Life begins when a fetus can possibly  live on its  own  outside the womb?   As mentioned, this is generally  in the third  trimester or end of the second  trimester....   Why doesn't  anyone  defy  the Right wing on their Family  values........As rational  thinkers, Atheists are better  qualified to define  Family Values......Religion has way too much  influence  on Theists for them to make  rational  judgement  on this  subject......IMO...  

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I'm sorry, the first thing that popped into my mind was Tom Lehrer's song, "Be Prepared."


While we're at it, here's another poser for you: why is it that there is a correlation between religiosity and divorce rate?

The RC church has been losing control since Galileo made their geocentric model of the solar system look as foolish as it was and is.  Their control of education used to be absolute; now even they acknowledge that evolution is the most likely explanation for the diversity of life.  Their grip will be chipped at until they have nothing left to grasp at.

And the scariest part of the whole business is that they'll be the last to get the memo.

Because they spend all their time praying instead of taking steps to make things better?

Perhaps because when you have "GOD" whispering in your ear that you are right, you don't have to consider anyone else's opinion or position?

It could always be that WONDERFUL marital counseling provided by the church for free, with counselors often uniquely unsuited to relationships themselves?

Who knows...

Free, you are hinting at a fundamental question about the nature of morality. Theists claim a monopoly on the origins of morality. Without an absolute lawgiver morality is without foundation, they say. 

This notion is one of the greatest lies of all. It is bigger than the creation stories and attendant fairy tales. Its acceptance results in oppression and discrimination which inures to the benefit of those in power. The minorities afflicted by religious morality prosper only to the extent that religion and its tenets are not heeded. Evolution has created a place for empathy and rationalism, the true bases of morality.

Beyond this basic understanding it is also the case that true adherents of religion are incapable of moral choices except insofar as just solutions to issues coincide with the religious solution. The adherent has surrendered her freedom to think and judge of a matter in a rational way. Instead she must observe the path determined by theology. 

It is my hope that atheists are more strident about the claim of religious morality than they are about the fairy tales. The arguments circulating ad nauseam in regards to existence of god(s) leave the theist wanting proof there is no god. We can not give it except in amorphous  philosophical terms which leave many theist glassy eyed. But we can know something about history and the influence of religion on civilization. We can rebut the great lie and raison detre of religion, no ifs, buts,  ands or jelly beans... 

Theists have NO right to demand proof there are no gods.  It is up to the people making the positive claim to prove their fantasies are real.  And they can't.

You believe in god? An all powerful being that always existed and he made and created us and everything else.

That's an extraordinary claim. If you believe this, then it is you who must have the extraordinary evidence.

Me, I don't believe in your god. I say there's a 99 % probability that no such god exists. I need not to produce any evidence simply because I have not ruled out your god completely. I simply say that I do not believe he exists. If you think he does exist, then show me some evidence.

There is none. There never was any evidence for any god. Not just the christian god. There is no evidence for any god of any kind. None. Zero.

                                             THEISTIC FAMILY VALUES

The sperm meets the egg and they shake hands. Hello, it's a baby! (Well, maybe not. It's all bronze age superstition. Wake up and start following science.)

BTW, if you want a striped baby like a Zebra, be sure and have sex in front of a window with a properly adjusted venitian blind. Maybe a bamboo field would work.  If you want the baby to be spotted be sure and conceive on a hot sunny day with a trees leaves blocking some of the sun. Hey, the bibble says it works for animals and cattle.

The problem here is obviously theists doing everything by the book, but it's a very old and out dated book and it has nothing to do with "family values." I can only imagine some right wingers thinking if their mother had abortions then maybe they wouldn't be here. The solution then becomes getting control of a woman's body while claiming the rites of god.

My family values are very simple, I live by this rule; if it quacks like family and swims like family, it must be family. I found a lot of new family members; some for a short time, some for years. And it has been a good way to escape the loneliness of being a reject among my blood relatives.

I certainly found family here on A/N, and it makes me feel good. You could say that it's a bandaid for a big hole in my past, but that is not true and it would be greatly disrespectful to many warmhearted people. We'll bicker some more by and by.

And of course I found many family members in real life too. There's always more to share. 

A most interesting book: When God Was a Woman. by Merlin Stone....an archaeological/anthropological look at the past 20,000 - 30,000 years in Europe and Asia.  I don't know how accurate all of it is, but most of it makes sense.  The slow change from matrilineal societies to patrilineal was all about inheritance and politics, NOT about raising healthy and sane children. 

To make the switch stick, the Levite priests had to come up with a myth about a lone woman they called Eve, who could NOT have been made of a man's rib.  No Y chromosome, for one thing.

If someone starts yattering about "traditional family values," it helps to remind them of King David, his son Solomon, and Jeebus' parable about the seven virgins who were all to marry the same man on the same night. And on and on and on.  Or bring up the FACT that America is not the only culture on the planet, and that Muslims, and other religious people, think it's perfectly all right to have more than one wife at the same time, even though they keep them covered with crude versions of burlap bags.....  What we have, with our high divorce rate, is serial polygamy..  Although if a married couple can't stand each other, for whatever reason, divorce is better than being beaten to death, or being a prisoner in one'sown home..

(What about multiple husbands?  Where are they?)

Last time I heard about polyandry it was in Nepal.

But is America really not the only culture on the planet? Shocking!


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