Right Wing Republicans  always  say they are the party  for Family Values........It is  a code word against  Gay Families, Abortion Rights,etc......Why is it so wrong for  two people  of the same sex who truly  love each other and want to raise children ruining  Family Values?........Why is it  so wrong  for  a young woman, who may have been careless with an aggressive boyfriend and got pregnant, to want to get an abortion, because  she  has  big plans  to go to college  and become  a Professional......Why is to wrong for a middle aged  woman with grown children, who accidentally  gets  pregnant, and just  wants  to relax  and enjoy  life  with her  husband without raising   yet another  child, get an abortion?    Why is it wrong  for any woman to have an abortion, if they are not mentally  or financially ready  to raise  a child  properly?.....I have read that a fetus has  no human like  qualities until  the brain is  developed ,which  usually is the end of the second  trimester........Yet  we are being told  by the Right Wing  that  life  begins  at conception......Sadly, many  conceived  embryos never  attach  to the endometrium and a miscarriage  results.....Many  embryos  at this stage  are  just  a mass of cells......Wouldn't  it   make more  sense  to say  Life begins when a fetus can possibly  live on its  own  outside the womb?   As mentioned, this is generally  in the third  trimester or end of the second  trimester....   Why doesn't  anyone  defy  the Right wing on their Family  values........As rational  thinkers, Atheists are better  qualified to define  Family Values......Religion has way too much  influence  on Theists for them to make  rational  judgement  on this  subject......IMO...  

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I've always liked Eve for preferring knowledge over obedience!




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