Fanciful Filmaker claims discovery of the Nails that Crucified Jesus

Check out this news story:


This story doesn't really belong in the science category... more like the comedy category.

Anybody else agree?  An entire film will be aired on the History Channel that claims to link some rusty nails to a specific person who may or may not be a fictional character dreamed up to represent human suffering.  Watching this film will be suffering enough. 

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Can't be, I got those nails in my library. One's holding up a picture of Darwin, and the other a picture of Clarence Darrow!

Soon coming on your screen: the discovery of nail n° 389 and the cross n° 5894.

The relics business is, although 2000 years old, still business.

I'm sure the scene was already scoured by people at the time of the event... if anybody had the nails that supposedly crucified the son of god, they would have been hocked AGES ago for the cost of a donkey.  There would have been crowds of spectators to save these 'valuable' items.  And make money off them, like you mention.

now science must carbon and radio metric date these nails to the time period specified and then see if any DNA can be found and studied from the nails.


honestly i don't watch the revisionist history channel 

I suppose I should be happy it's not airing on DISCOVERY...ha.   I agree with your opinion of the History Channel. 


These nails could very well be artifacts from crucifixions.  But it's a huge leap to pinpoint who they 'pierced'...if anybody.  Can we match the DNA (if present) to an individual human?  This is just another example of trying to force a theory or piece of evidence to push forward a religious agenda. It may be entertaining to watch the leaps that would have to be made to prove this matter.

I reply to you regarding "Can we match the DNA (if present) to an individual human?"

well seeing jesus is claimed to have been magic a "god" if you will. Than when we study the DNA if found should have major abnormalities, if not than jesus could be ruled out as the original owner of these nails. i hope this answers your question. but regarding your statement "These nails could very well be artifacts from crucifixions."  It is true that hundreds if not thousands of people where crucified during the time specified, so how anyone could make a knowingly ignorant statement  such as these nails belongs to a savior on a stick i don't know.  

 I absolutely hate/detest/and vial disgust for the revisionist history channel, because when they are are not glorifying the Nazis, or presenting fiction as fact, they are promoting woo woo medicine/science

How about this classic George Carlin quote:

"I would never want to be a member of a group whose symbol was a guy nailed to two pieces of wood".

I vastly preffered the History Channel back when it could legitimately be derided as the Hitler Channel. They hardly ever show WW2 stuff anymore. Instead that "Giter done" guy gets a show.

The last thing I liked ok was that thing on ancient myths, Greek mostly. They made it clear that at one point entire cultures believed them to be true. And at the same time it was clear they were nothing but made up stories. They never explicitly said it, but the inescapable implication was that Christian myths are just the same.

It seems to me that it would be highly unlikely that the nails used to crucify Jesus could have been picked up by souvenir hunters after he was removed from the cross. Iron was expensive back in those days. Surely, the Romans would have immediately stored the nails for the next crucifixion victim or dropped them off at the smithy to be reforged into new nails or other metal items.


I believe that it was Mark Twain who noted that the cathedrals of Europe possessed enough of Jesus' crucifixion nails to build an iron locomotive, as well as enough splinters of the True Cross to construct a large church.

Wood was mostly fitted together as I understand it, and that it was fairly common to burn an old structure down just so as to get the nails. No, this doesn't sound like legitamite science.

I have tho heard of an archeological discovery of an empty tomb that showed itself to belong to some Joseph character. I never have heard tho whether it was confirmed to be from a time that Jesus could have been alive or not.
Somebody counted the official splinters of the Jesus crown and concluded that his head measured 33 meters. No problem as he was born out of a virgin.



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