These are dated. SE Cupp is now working for Glenn Beck. She apparently will be touring college campuses.

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I saw through her charade the first time I saw her on t.v. They needed a pro-right atheist badly so they manufactured one.

I'm actually still doubting whether she really is either an atheist of breath-taking stupidity and ignorance, or a Christian/theist lying through her teeth, .


Can't decide. Though every time I read about her I start leaning more towards lying theist masquerading as an atheist. She "aspires to be a person of faith one day"? Wait what? She thinks that by promoting science we are discriminating against religion? Pardon me?


EDIT: And reading some more stuff about her, I just started leaning towards the lying theist even more.

I have no doubt she is manufactured. I just wish more people would call her on it to her face. or better yet, hook her up to a polygraph machine.
Sounds like a manufactured Atheist to me -- I agree with you all on that one.




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