Faux News article: how to engage your non-religious family members

Faux News is directly plumping for religion.

In this case it is how to turn a perfectly normal family gathering, which should be about togetherness, and turn it into a chance to proselytise.

You have to read it to believe it. Because the holidays are all about peace on Earth, push your faith on men. found here>

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1. Ask about a spiritual experience that has shaped their life.

I grew up in a church heavily engaged in the teaching of "prophecy", including both that found in the Bible and some homebrew prophecy god-given especially for us back in the 1800s.  In 11th grade, I was told that while we understood all other prophecy, Daniel chapter 11 wasn't something God had seen fit to reveal to us yet.  That didn't sit well with me, so I looked it up on my own.  It turns out, the mainline Protestant churches had no trouble deciphering it at all.  It just so happens that it was a false prophecy.  For me, that was when I really stopped believing in the church I grew up in.

2. Engage in conversation about the importance of love and compassion.
I've never been loved so purely and so unconditionally as by the young woman I am with right now.  All my life it was always, "He's such a good boy.  He loves Jesus so much!"  It's almost like I myself wasn't even on the radar.  It's so refreshing to be loved for me!

3. Express your own doubts or questions about religion.
My mother has more doubts than me, I am quite certain, and I am an out-and-out Atheist.  She's been repressing them for so long.  It would do her a world of good to give them a fair airing out.

4. Invite a conversation about how spiritual values shape your respective lives. 
I believe that people can choose to be good.  Not that they are good, or evil, intrinsically, but that we are a moral animal.  That is inspiring to me.  Or, perhaps this counts as a better spiritual value: Life has the meaning we give it.  Some people say that's no meaning at all, and who am I to argue with them?  Maybe they haven't given their lives any meaning.  But mine has meaning because it has meaning to me, and to the people I love and live with and care for, and cohabitate with on this Spaceship Earth.  I want to do everything I can to make that a positive meaning not only for myself, but for them, too, and I think the very first thing I can do towards that end is to abandon all of this silly religion business.




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