Anyone has a favorite album?

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Here we go:

Megadeth - Peace sells
Disturbed - The Sickness
Dio - Holy Diver
Fates Warning - No Exit
Rollins Band - Weight

and on and on.
Oh, there's a lot of good stuff mentioned in there! So I'd like to add these to the mix:

Toxicity - System of a Down

Aenima - Tool

Nick Cave - Tender Prey

Now, before anyone complains about Nick Cave, I know many of his songs are religious but they are dark old-testament fire and brimstone which really show off "god's" dark nature. But the reason I include Nick Cave is because it was my introduction to "real" music. A friend of mine lent me the Tender Prey (still love Mercy Seat from that album) and Your Funeral My Trial cassettes - yes, it really was that long ago! Up until then I only listened to popular music but I have my friend and Nick Cave to thank for dispelling my musical ignorance.

And Tool rate a mention coz I have the words "The only way to fix it is to flush it all away" etched in my mind. I was listening to aenima (and singing at the top of my not-so-lovely voice - and ok, maybe some drugs and alcohol were involved) the night before 11th Sep attack. The I woke up in the morning and see the twin towers being flushed away in the morning news!!! It was a totally surreal experience and this time it wasn't the drugs! Only the drug of religious fanaticism that caused the event.
I have several favorites.

Classic Queen

Moody Blues Greatest Hits

ZZtop Greatest Hits

Aerosmith Greatest Hits

En Vogue Greatest Hits

Jim Croce Greatest Hits

AC/DC Who made who

Louis Armstrong Greatest hits

Best of the Delta Blues

Bell Biv DeVoe Greatest Hits
I know there are two kinds of people in the world. Those who love Neil Diamond and those who don't. I love Neil Diamond. Luckily, my husband does too, but we part ways on Elvis. I can't stand Elvis.

I'm getting more in a habit of listening to whole albums now. A couple stood out:


Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Master of Reality (first 5 albums really, I haven't heard each and every one 100% yet)

Burzum - Filosofem (by far the scariest album ever IMHO)

Creedence - Green River

Dethklok - The Dethalbum

Fugees - The Score (practically the only hip hop album I truly listened to)

Guns N Roses - Appetite for Destruction

Hole - Pretty In The Inside (I get disappointed with Hole's next albums which are not as abrasive and raw)

Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden, Fear of the Dark, Somewhere in Time, well all of their albums except for X Factor

Megadeth - Killing is My Business, Peace Sells

Metallica - First 5 albums front to back are about as immaculate collection of music as you can get in my humble opinion

Muse - Absolution (I got out of them and got back into them, weird)

Amy Winehouse - Frank

Chrono Cross Musical Soundtrack 

I practically have all of the Final Fantasy soundtracks, I kinda like VII the best because it has a mix of the old school video game sounds and orchestration with classical.


I have regretted never listening to a Beatles album from front to back yet.

Wow I thougth I was the only one who collected the Final Fantasy soundtracks.  I love all of their games with the exception of FFXI and FFXIV.  I don't know why their online games never had any appeal to me.  Even friends of mine who have been long time fans of the games don't care for the soundtracks.


I still have many of the songs on my Ipod, especially the works of Nobuo Uematsu.

Yeah I really liked the soundtracks too. And I was a huge fan of the original, of 2 and 3 (don't know what their Japanese releases were), and I heard 9 was the best but unfortunately I never played it.

I frickin love Uematsu. I still have the FFVII soundtrack I bought from FuncoLand 100 years ago. I have the whole collection in CD, and put all of the soundtracks on my iPod. It's perfect when you want to lay down close your eyes. I also like Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masato Nakamura. Sakimoto did Gauntlet IV which has an amazingly underrated soundtrack in the 16 bit era.


If they called FFXI and FFXIV, Final Fantasy Online (like they did with Tactics), I think people would be more willing to tolerate it. When people play Final Fantasy they are used to a type of gameplay that's engaging but at the same time feel like your in a Fantasy world. Oh and the XIII sucked.

Yeah XIII did suck.  Supposedly it had a sequel coming in Dec, I'll probably skip that one.
Urgh. Just when I wanted to erase that from my memory, they make a sequel!!

If only they let you roam around and go to towns instead of having a 9 hour movie every three seconds, it would've been great. The battle system wasn't too bad.

Yeah FFX had the same problem with not letting you go where you want, I guess for me the difference was that the story to FFX was more engaging. 


I guess I'd say that in FFX I felt like I was a part of it, where in FFXIII I felt like I was watching a movie.



Even in FFX you went to a town engaged with people, learned about secrets, once in awhile, try to learn al bhed and bought things. In, FFXIII you go forward, watch a movie, go forward, watch a movie.


I thought it was a bit embarrassing that Final Fantasy took a giant step back and games like Fallout and Dragon Age are taking leaps forward.

It's funny, all this talk of the downfall of Final Fantasy has caused me to blow the dust off my playstation games.  I've decided to start with FFIV.  After that maybe VII, or VI.  I'm not sure which.


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