this one popped up on my wall today - Love it!  What is your favorite FB quote from the fundies?


I love my country! I thank God I was born here in America! In fact, I'm pretty fired up about it.

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my favs are the ignorant guilt trip ones.  The ones that say something along the lines of we are terrible sinners who have lost our way, I bet none of you will repos tthis to show that you love jesus.  Typical guilt trip cult BS.

and the "LIKE" to keep the "Christ" in Christmas!  I can't tell you how many times that one came up this past December. 

I don't have it any more, but it was very amusing when my aunt saw I had joined "1,000,000 who support evolution." She posted that no one could believe in evolution 'cause god created it all. Someone posted an agreement response and I had to reply that we see microevolution in the form of germs such as MRSA. That other person responded that it was not evolution but sin that created them. >.X

Not one particular quote, but the "friends" who post bevies of Bible passages or something about God n' Jesus every-damn-day.

OK, OK, I get it, you are religious - enough already. Post something even remotely more interesting, like what you had for dinner or what a great report card your kiddo brought home. Posting scriptures ain't impressing anyone and certainly not getting you any closer to, ahem, "heaven."




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