What's your favorite kind of weather? i personally like snow storms because the hills are awesome to shred up on a snowboard, but then whens its raining its also awesome to go wake-boarding and do some other fun things but i cannot mention them here :). so tell me your favorites and why.

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I like dark, gloomy weather, the kind that would be good for Halloween. I don't know why.
Bright, sunny, temp between 60 & 75 degrees F.
Partly cloudy days, temp between 72 and 85 degrees F with low humidity....An afternoon thunder storm with lots of thunder is always a plus..I love it when it rains. Also, if it rains all night,that's even better since I love the sound of rain on the roof.
Seconded. I love the atmosphere right before a storm hits. And a light drizzle (Redundancy Alert!!!!)
all great weather choices and all my favorites yay... well i geuss ill have to find away to make the rain come to u then
Dark overcasts, no rain though.

Lately I have been digging the nice sunny weather a LOT however.
85 hot and clear
Ive spent to many years living in washington dealing with rain and snow
looks like most people like rain i want some reasons as to why you all like a particular kind of weather please
I don't like rain now. But I used to love it because there was something calming about hearing it.
I agree, rain is calming and soothing...And it makes all the neighborhood dogs stop barking since their owners are too lazy/stupid to do it.
I also love the feeling right before a thunderstorm hits. And just sitting on the porch and watching a thunderstorm and the lightening..Well,that's just invigorating. And when the storm is over and the sun comes out droplets of water are on everything and the world seems so fresh and new.
As to partly cloudy,I just enjoy how the ambient light changes on such days,it's just interesting.
Its cold, wet, gloomy...mostly the cold and wet. Necessitates bundling up and wearing heavy clothes, vs my preferred t shirt shorts and sandals . I dont mind the rain if I am inside and relaxing, but that only counts for a few hours of my day. Also the cold hurts (hands and knees mostly) also i have some sinus headaches when the pressure changes (which is about 2-3 times a week in seattle)
no its just ur favorite kind of weather it doesnt matter where u live or ur personality to have a specific weather type




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