What's your favorite kind of weather? i personally like snow storms because the hills are awesome to shred up on a snowboard, but then whens its raining its also awesome to go wake-boarding and do some other fun things but i cannot mention them here :). so tell me your favorites and why.

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i mostly like the rain because i can get wet and im outside without having to be in a pool or something yay
Crisp, cool autumn days are my favorite.

I love snow, but half the people around here freak out when it snows and drive like idiots. I also love thunderstorms. When I was a kid, we had a big front porch on our house and I used to sit out there and watch the storms. And, of course, I like anytime it is sunny and warm (as long as it is not too humid).
nice sounds relaxable
Warm, sunny weather, from anywhere between 65f to 75f. I also like thunderstorms, and the more violent, the better. They make me feel energetic and excited. Odd since, when I was a kid, I had a terrible phobia of thunderstorms. I wonder if my old phobia has anything to do with my love of storms.
Riding my Bike - I like the semi colder weather, it gets me to keep going

Walking - A somewhat hotter day, I love the summer freedom

Running - The morning inbetween cold/warm day

In my car - some what cold, I can't stand cranking a car air conditioner.




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