What are some of your favorite lines in a song?

My first offering:

Wait a minute, mister, I didn't even kiss her.

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Thing is, they had more than that.  They knew how to take the technical side of music and turn it into ART ... and none of their work shows that off quite so well as Aja.

Thank you, fellas, for the information on Steely Dan. I'll take a listen! Do you recommend a specific title to start? 

I don't get it! They play the same musical theme and words over and over. What is so great about that? 

I listened to Steely Dan 《Do It Again》 ( original studio sound version)Steely Dan 《Do It Again》 ( original studio sound version), 

and STEELY DAN - Reelin in the Years (1973).

Here's a long-time favorite of mine, Joan.  Real early-morning music, mellow and content-full:

They got a name for the winners in the world
I want a name when I lose.
They call Alabama "The Crimson Tide"...
Call me Deacon Blues!

DAMN ... that brings back memories!

Poets, priests and politicians have words to thank for their positions - Sting

I also love the lyrics to the song "Dear God" by XTC:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHmTqoLjlXo 

Geez, all you people are referencing thoughtful, introspective music lyrics and all I did was quote two sex-tinged declarations.  Way to make me feel like a slut. 

Honey was a tear-jerker back then, and still is.

Sorry, but YUK!!!  I have never seen "Honey" as being anything but cloying, saccharine and pandering to emotion.  Thanks but no, thank you.

Loren, I think you're right about Honey being cloying, saccharine, and pandering, things I usually don't like, but that song is one of the exceptions for me.  It's not one of my favorite songs, but It brings lots of tears, and that's OK with me.

Never heard McCann before.  Nice.

I'm kinda surprised, Spud.  That song was a fairly huge hit.


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