What are some of your favorite lines in a song?

My first offering:

Wait a minute, mister, I didn't even kiss her.

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Honey was a tear-jerker back then, and still is.

Sorry, but YUK!!!  I have never seen "Honey" as being anything but cloying, saccharine and pandering to emotion.  Thanks but no, thank you.

Loren, I think you're right about Honey being cloying, saccharine, and pandering, things I usually don't like, but that song is one of the exceptions for me.  It's not one of my favorite songs, but It brings lots of tears, and that's OK with me.

Never heard McCann before.  Nice.

I'm kinda surprised, Spud.  That song was a fairly huge hit.

Might be a couple of reasons I missed it.  I usually like more folk rock, and snappy rock & roll music.  Then, after the 60s, when I stopped dating, I stopped listening to the radio, so I missed a lot of music from the 70s on.

Geez, you must have missed my Mairsy Doats contribution! Not very thoughtful or introspective, I would think. However, I was trying to make a point of words, misunderstood, misinterpreted, and crazy making in political life. 

Sorry I didn't catch the political life word point, but you did get me singing it for a day.

Me, too, Spud. I couldn't get the tune out of my head. 

Yes, it's one of those tunes that is so catchy, I'm singing it for a day or more.  So far it's been 2 days.  More than a few hours and it becomes annoying.

Damned few musical statements I've ever heard have quite the same power or eloquence that Rickie Lee Jones finds with "Gravity:"

And near the close, there's that desperate reach for identity and relevance in the words:

I try to imagine another planet, another sun
Where I don't look like me
And everything I do matters...

I. Mean. Wow.




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