Favorite podcasts. Atheist, Freethinking, or Just Interesting.

Podcasts give the freedom to listen to what you want, when you want, where you want.  Most with no advertising although some have some.  On the usual TV and news websites, secular-friendly talk is minimal, so podcasts can really fill the gab and counter the religious silos and biases of mass broadcast and netcast culture.  These are some of my current favorites.   What are yours?

Since I use I-pad, I just download using the podcast app.  Simple and fast.  I did the same back when I used i-Phone and Kindle Fire.  I think any PC or laptop would be as good.  To download them, search on the title or originating group on I-tunes, podcast app, or other mega-corporation resource.  Since each has a library, sometimes going back years, and the topics are often timeless, I listen to many of the older podcasts as well as subscribe to new ones.  Those older ones are often gems beyond price.  In fact, several have interviews with  Robert Price, who along with Hector Avalos are among the smartest and best informed speakers around.

Atheist Talks Cable Show - via Minnesota Atheists.  Minnesota Atheists tends to be thoughtful, gentle, quiet mannered, interesting, and knowledge-seeking.  I like their podcasts a lot.

Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot.  Interfaith interview show.  Also tends to be on the intellectual side.  While described as interfaith, the podcasts I listen to are often overtly atheistic and anti-religious.

Living After Faith.  Rich and Deanna Joy Lyons.  Focus on recovering from religion, tends to be quite anti-religious.

Inquisitive Minds Podcast.   by Inquisitive Minds.  "Critical thinking on religion, history, culture, and science".  

Atheists Talk Radio Show.  Also by Minnesota Atheists.  Did I say how much I like that group?

Friendly Atheist Podcast.  Hemant Mehta and others. Tends to be younger and trendy  - not my think, but Hemant is always cheerful and usually delightful.  I listen to each and every podcast.

American Freethought.  John Snider and David Driscoll.  My long term favorite.  I feel like John and David are friends or neighbors who I have known for decades.  Chatty and informative, with great guest interviews.  Listening to them is like a comfort food.  I never miss a podcast.

There are other topics that I enjoy and feel drawn to, but few with good podcasts.  I have one called "The History of China" that I enjoy.  Other topics that I like, like gardening, permaculture, trees, race and ethnicity, religious mythology and culture, slavery, and some others, I just don't know of any good podcasts. 

Atheist Nexus members would likely enjoy seeing leads to better and more diverse podcasts than I listen to.  This is meant to be the start, or refresh, of a podcast list to be shared and expanded.

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I'm not a big podcast person, but one I will NOT miss is Seth Andrews' Thinking Atheist radio podcast.  He has entertained and informed me for a while now, and missing one is NOT an option with me!

I'm an avid podcast listener.  These are the broadcasts I listen to regularly.

The Thinking Atheist  I can't give enough accolades about Seth Andrews and his show.  A top notch podcast.

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe  A vast array of interesting science topics discussed among a fun panel.  I always learn something new.

Freethought Radio  The Freedom From Religion Foundation's weekly review of legal victories and set-backs concerning separation of state and church.

The Humanist Hour  I listen to most episodes but will skip a few here and there if the topic doesn't interest me. 

Monster Talk  Very fun and historically interesting skeptical podcast concerning monster legends, their origins, and current-day monster "sightings."  This podcast is currently on hiatus with an unknown return date.

In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg  I love this show.  A BBC production with a different panel of experts every week discussing topics of science, religion, literature, history, culture and philosophy from all eras, ancient to modern.  I don't skip this one.  Top notch.  A fantastic archive of shows.  This show takes a summer hiatus.  

The David Pakman Show   Not an atheist podcast but a daily progressive/liberal political show.  I actually subscribe yearly to this show because I strongly support its mission and its opposition to the mainstream corporate media outlets.  


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