I know, I know...it's like choosing a favourite child! And, there are so many to choose from! I've just begun watching classic Doctor Who...so, my choices are expanding.

Some of my favourites include Partners in Crime, Rose, The Idiot's Lantern, The Girl in the Fireplace, Army of Ghosts, The Sound of Drums, and, well, so many more!! Planet of the Dead--not one of my faves.

Name yours: Go!

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I'm watching the classics from the first Doctor to the present...you can find them all at:

Life, Doctor Who & Combom -- great blog!
Thanx Ernesto!! Post your own video, too, if you wish!! I'm just having a bit o' fun!!
That's just fucking hilarious; I'm going to wake my brother up just to show him that clip!!! XD
Sounds right!! Hahaha!! I like that one, too!! "Are you my mummy?"




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