"The EU's trademarks authority has permitted a German firm to brew beer and produce clothing under the name "F*cking Hell". It may be an expletive in English, but in German it could refer to a light ale -- Hell -- from the Austrian town of F_cking. Whether it will be brewed there is another question."

I laughed my ass off reading this.

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The Brits are always stealing the town's signs.
Fucking Hell!

I want a t-shirt.
Me Too!
I want to try the beer. I tend to prefer ales to lagers anyway. But, hell yeah, I'd like a T-shirt too.
P.S. Objection, I want to congratulate you for posting the subject line in an acceptable manner. You are a shining example on how one can post profanity in subject lines. Fucking A!
Profanity????? You are offending the good people at Fucking!
Sound like a product I'd buy!
The actress; "Fucking hell!"

The bishop; " I certainly hope so"
Hope someone imports this!
Although I doubt US authorities would let it in without a name change.
If we're lucky, all they'd do is put an asterisk in place of the U. >.> And I'm certain people would import themselves to have the bottles.

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