FDA Approves First Clinical Trials Involving LSD Since 1960s

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Discuss! I have class in 5 minutes, so I'll keep my post brief. See link for details.

I'm very glad to see the government removing some of their false morals (drugs are like, for hippies!) that have been holding back what could potentially be very interesting scientific research.

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I read somewhere (i can't remember now) that in Switzerland or maybe it was the Netherlands, that LSD had been used to cure alcoholics and drug addicts.
LSwah!? man made crap
crack/lsd/meth/oxy/xanax/coke/nutrasweet CRAP
all crap; detrimental to mankind
self medicating chemical warfare
legalize what nature had here for us before we figured out the periodic tables fer fx sake

sick n' twisted lobbyin' freaks


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