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Trump is going down!"

Trump throws out easily disproven claims about the weather, protesters, a made up story about a cancelled meeting with Rep. Elijah Cummings, voter registration fraud, and his Electoral College margin compared to other presidents.

He’s mobilized a team of liars to peddle “alternative facts”.

Chillingly, he may be delusional enough to believe his own nonsense. Consider his unhinged criticism, tongue-lashing the media, venting and sneering during the last White House press conference.

Mental health professionals warn the public of Trump’s “grave emotional instability”.

Robert Harward turned down Trump’s offer to make him national security adviser, letting out that the offer amounted to “a shit sandwich.”

Things are moving fast, people! Those of you who live in the US, call and write to your Representative and Senators now. If you're not sure how to start, Writing to Congress has helpful hints.

Twitler is the latest "nickname" for our Grifter-in-Chief.

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Pence is an xian dominionist but he's emotionally stable.

He will have the support of the strong and weak authoritarians, who together are about 33% of Americans--enough to own the GOP.

Nice meme :)

I doubt there's much Trump could ever do no matter how illegal which would cause Republicans to investigate him at all. Just like defending the faith they wouldn't want to ever admit they made a mistake. The only way the Trump presidency will ever be held accountable for anything is if we take away the republican majority and I don't trust the corporate Democrats to do anything either. We need some new blood in government if we want real change. Otherwise we'll just keep getting lied to and stabbed in the back as always.

Americans seem to have a very abusive relationship with the rich elite and government. Instead of kicking out the abusive spouse we just keep bringing in more abusers into the house.

With sustained nonviolent resistance of 3 1/2% of the population we can get real change. The main problem is that climate may be so unstable the future will be very challenging, by that time. It could take years. I'm hoping social media will make very rapid positive change possible. The bad changes had 40 years of behind the scenes big money preparation, like well heeled think tanks and media takeovers. Liberals don't have that infrastructure. But we have nature on our side. "Alternate facts" about climate change will become unsupportable when the Arctic actually melts which will make the northern hemisphere's climate wild. Not that it's not showing signs already. Like here in Philly we had a 60°F day and then a big snow that night. Next up, a week of early Spring in late February.

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In the shortest time in office ever this man has the lowest approval rating ever. That should tell us something but the Repubs aren't saying anything and tRump supporters simply answer questions by using his memes. I honestly believe that Mr. Rump thought he could executive order, sign and stamp, or veto his way in and out of every situation. The question would be why other Presidents were not allowed to do the same? The mentality here is staggering.

Will anyone actually wake up and do anything? We don't know but social media is saying plenty and I've found a few groups on Facebook that are not happy. Some have high membership already.

* Donald Trump Clown University

* Just Say No To Trump

* He's An Enemy

* Not My President

* Resist

* Anti Trump Memes

The above is only a few of the many sites and links to others will be shown when you go there. Some call this man Fuckface von Clownstick and it's plain that he hasn't a clue on what he is doing in office other than protecting his family and making them all richer. Continued probes into Russian involvement and demanding his tax returns might actually show business practices contrary to the office he now holds.

I don't see any point in adding the "L-E-R" to the end of that.  The man is a TWIT ... full stop.

I don't think he's going to go down easily.

Donald Trump will use every weapon to stamp out the grassroots resistance

[The Guardian]

Watching news on 2-19-2017 in the AM hours and I see the tRumps in Florida and Cheeto brags about what he has done in a month. Then he puts Melania on stage to talk and she does a stupid prayer, "our fodder who art in heaven."  Oh, paleeeze! Stop this stupid nonsense before it gets worse.

In one way it does fit. I can believe that tRump came to Florida to talk to himself.

Michael, I'm not the first one to think that he went down there to get reinforcement from his base.  For what may be the first time in his life, Drumpf has learned that there are people out there who WILL say "NO" to him, and I would guess that hasn't sat well with him at all.

To which all I got to say is: "Get used to it, Donnie ... 'cuz we ain't done by a long stretch!"

Unfortunately Clinton showed right or wrong that impeachment in itself means nothing. Whether one agrees with the circumstances of Clinton's impeachment is in material. An impeachment of Trump will mean even less. People have to be shown clearly that he has done complete anti humanist actions knowingly and willingluly and that it was in direct violation of American interest. It will be very difficult to prove malicious intent. (Hope I got it right Glenn). Anyway when combined with purely political motivation I doubt he will ever be questioned by the Right which is now in he will get a free ride for now.




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