I wish I could express how much I wish I had a mentor with reason, wisdom, and good judgment that wasn't poisoned with zealousness, hatred, idiocy, and utter ridiculousness. If there were one instance in this world to make me believe in miracles, it would be the fact that I came from the most unlikely family possible.

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I hope you find your guide....
Well, I am no mentor, but I can be a friend. I, also, have few people I can talk to about my world views, the books I have read, the knowledge I have gained. If you want someone to just talk to, let me know. I've had to deal with a number of difficult situations, from In-laws not respecting my decisions for my children, to workplace problems. But I come out of these situations stronger and more dedicated to what I know is right.
Send me an e-mail and let me know if you just need someone to talk to. jason@rmdta.com, or message me here on Atheist Nexus.
I hope you life is going well, good to meet you.
I take it your teaching mentor was an insane fundie? By the way, I totally identify with your sentiments.




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