Federal Judge Dismisses Challenge to Penn. "Year of the Bible" Resolution

Yesterday, a federal judge dismissed the Freedom From Religion Foundation's challenge to a Pennsylvania legislative resolution calling for 2012 to be "The Year of the Bible." However, in dismissing the challenge, Judge Conner made it clear he was not endorsing the resolution. He stated

"At worst, (the Bible resolution) is premeditated pandering designed to provide a re-election sound-bite for use by members of the General Assembly." Conner wrote.

He called the resolution's language "proselytizing and exclusionary" and said the measure "pushes the envelope" of the separation of church and state mandate of the U.S. Constitution.

"At a time when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania faces massive public policy challenges, these (government) resources would be far better utilized in meaningful legislative efforts for the benefit of all of the citizens of the commonwealth, regardless of their religious beliefs. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing comments, Judge Conner did rule that the legislature has absolute immunity in passing such a non-binding resolution.


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It's part of our great national hypocrisy. Nobody actually cares much about what you believe in your heart of hearts, but they are very concerned about what you say you believe. Expressions of great devotion to God or absolute indifference are both considered rude. It is always in good taste to make an obscure reference to a "higher power" even if you really mean Warren Buffett.

You are so right, Dr. Clark.  I would like to know just how many people especially politicians claim to be very religious when they are totally indifferent.  I understand church attendance is down so maybe that answers that, in part.

@politicians that cant even draw the map of the united states/or do world geography worth a damn...

The FFR do great work in taking on breaches of the constitution this is just another example of taxpayers funding a religious political agenda just for votes.

Totally disgusting in 21st century America.




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