Feeling Like I'm Stranded On An Island In The Bible Belt

Hello all,

New to the site, and glad to be here.  Moved from Seattle, WA to Slidell, LA a couple of years ago to be close to my 2 oldest children, who moved near here with my ex-wife.


I recently (past couple of years) quit using the term agnostic to describe myself, and truly identify with atheism.  Problem is, I live in a place where EXTREME right-wing religious ignorant conservatism rule the day, and don't allow for any other thinking.  It is a depressing place, and I've tried a couple of times to find local groups who meet up, but the nearest seems to be in New Orleans, which is difficult for me to get to with my work schedule & toddler at home.


Fortunately, my wife is atheist as well, which makes life tolerable.  I've found that as I've gotten older, I've become less & less tolerant of the oppressive religous conservatism around me.  I feel that it is force-fed to us on a daily basis in so many insidious ways, poisoning our kids and co-opting our (originally) secular government.


I also work for said government, and am surrounded in the workplace by racist, intolerant religious zealotry, which is hard to swallow without comment much of the time.  I find myself ranting & venting about the craziness to my poor wife sometimes, who is the only person I can really talk to about it.


I'd LOVE to see an atheist/secular-humanist/non-theist-based support/social group form around here, and I'm increasingly thinking that it'll have to be me who does it. 


Anyway, off the soapbox for the moment...  ;)


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Well Welcome to A/N! I feel your pain, we're in NC ourselves, the latest state to embrace the 'stupid' in the form of an amendment to the state constitution, this is pretty much our outlet as well. We don't do the group thing either because all the groups are about 35 minutes to an hour away from us and well... truthfully we're a tad anti-social, damn interwebz....

Thanks, Tammy.  Yeah, NC has voted the insanity party into power, obviously.  My wife is much more zen about this stuff than I am - I guess I just need to vent more than she does!  :) 

I think they're gonna have to cut a few extra vents in me before the crazies are done with this state, or my head is going to explode and make a mess everywhere!

Hang in there, Tammy.

I'm in the Bible Belt as well, and while it can be frustrating (though I do get a laugh out of driving by roadside tent revivals from time to time) I think that if you do put out a few local feelers you'll find that there are more folks sharing your mindset than you might think.

Who knows. Maybe you'll serve as a beacon of hope for fellow folks like yourself that also think they're alone in a see of superstitious dogma.


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