I really feel bad that I cannot donate any money to AN, because I really would like to. But the thing is I only draw $721.00 a month from SSI, which comes out to be only $8,652 a year. It makes me feel useless that I cannot donate. It makes me feel that I don't belong, because I cannot contribute. It seems like I'm useless in everything. I'm so ashamed that I cannot donate to a cause that I stand for and am passionate about. All I can say is that I apologize for my inability to contribute. I hope that I can still add discussions and blogs as they come to my mind.

Again, I am so sorry for my uselessness.

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Happy New Year Anthony. After reading your post my eyes watered up.

So I hit the donate button and donated ten bucks and said to myself “this is from Anthony”.

It's the words you type, the words you think up, the feelings you say, the experiences you've had, the knowledge you have, it's you what is important.

I'm sitting up in the arctic with no roads to drive to an atheist meet up group, no atheists to talk with but just religion swirling all around me. My only relief has been from books until I found this site a few weeks ago – yippee real people to talk with.

Your comments are important to me as is a canteen of water is to a man walking through a scorching hot desert. A necessary for my brain thirst and I'm sure others. Cheers.  

Thank you Jim for your kind words and your kind and generous deed. And a Happy New Year to you also good sir.

You are welcome, you touched and moved me when I read your posting.

What an awesome gesture, Jim.  Thanks!   

Nothing is useless.  Even a broken clock has the correct time twice a day.  You make more money on SSI than I do working part time (which is all I can find these days).

Don't worry mate, we're all under pressure these days.  Giving from one's wallet isn't the only way to give ya know... simply being there for someone, typing them a message that might make them feel better when they seem to need it... a compassionate, non-judgmental ear is worth more than you can imagine.

I think this whole notion of someone's worth, or right to life even, being measured in US dollars is something that needs to go to the dustbin of history just like religion does.  We're all far too obsessed with monetary value and it's causing some unnerving distortions in our culture.

It's as simple as this;  If you can afford to donate to AN, or anything else that matters a great deal to you, you should.  If you can't, you shouldn't worry about it... there's more good one can do that doesn't cost a dime.  And honestly, some of those things that people do for one another that are of themselves rather than their check books are priceless.


Don't worry my friend. Your thread was not the reason I feel bad about not being able to donate. I did not even know you had posted such a thread, so don't feel bad about that. I already felt bad about it, because I would like to help to make sure AN stays up and running, and I would feel like it was my fault if it had to shut down because of a donation I could not give.

Anthony you are not useless - I am so happy to read all your contributions here. It is OK if you aren't able to give money- because you give us your time and your thoughts and your presence on the site. We are glad you are on the site.

 Thanks Anthony I needed an uplift.Your telling your truth makes a difference.

 I am looking forward to your conversations.Happy New Year !!

Anthony, every time you post on this website is a contribution from you.  Contributions don't need to be financial, and I'm glad that you're here participating and contributing to the chorus of rational thought. That's worth much more than any monetary value.  Your presence here is really what is most important.  Absolutely no one here is demanding anything more from you. 

Thanks, as always, for speaking up and for your candor.  --Carl 

Anthony, I experience your contributions as thoughtful, responsive to others, clear about your challenges and not beaten down by them. You belong as much as anyone because you care about the difficulties facing us and offer your perspective. We need you, I suspect more than you need us because you can add depth and perspective to problems facing so very many. You have a right to feel proud of your accomplishments and refuse to let them get you down. You have a spirit that inspires many of us. Keep the thoughts flowing; this is a good place for building community while living in a hostile world. Maybe our little community can bring a modicum of sense into life and living. 

Do take good care of yourself. 

Anthony you raise the level of this website with your words.  You are far from useless.  You matter tremendously.  Thank you for being here.




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