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I was wondering if you could help me out. I need examples (20th century) of the women's movement coming into direct conflict with the church/christianity.


Little background; I'm a history major attempting (in 20 pages or less) to prove Elizabeth Cady Stanton correct, "The Bible and the Church have been the greatest stumbling blocks in the way of women's emancipation."


I know my bible, no worries on all the horrible things it says. I'm looking for primary sources of it being used as a justification like, "NO condoms cause jesus says it's srsly wrong. Also aids" It's for a paper so verifiable sources. Hard request; I know, but in return for you guys being awesome I will post all of my best poor student recipes.


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"I know my bible, no worries on all the horrible things it says. "

Ask a Christian for scriptural authority to show Mary Magdalene was a whore. (there isn't any) Up to the minute as usual, Pope Paul 2 admitted that fact a few years ago. I think around the same time he forgave the Jews for killing Jesus.

The Christian misogyny which is alive and well begun with that nutbag Saul.

However,Christianity has only ever reflected the values of the societies which invented and perpetuated it,as do all religions. Today its power is a shadow of its former self as increasing numbers of people are beginning to realise what an irrelevance and confidence trick it is.
If you can get a copy of Hitchen's book God is not great, he has several passages documenting in detail the suppression of women by religion with excellent referenced historical examples. Have fun with your project.
Thanks for the help guys. With historical text, plus my pre-existing vitriol this paper should write itself.
I turned it in yesterday morning. No grade yet. Probably won't have one for awhile, but I think it should land me something decent.

The trouble with writing on the Christian right's war on feminism is that more often than not it's extremely subtle. The Promise Keepers make the news when NOW complains and Robertson can't help but say something *really* stupid, but a majority of the "servant leadership" doctrine is preached under the radar.

Hitchens was a decent source but Christopher Hedges', American Fascists and Lauren Sandler's , Righteous were by far the best sources I found on the 'con' side of the argument.

I read one of James Dobson's books on marriage. Quite the eye opener, and by 'eye opener' I mean that often in the course of reading it I had to put it down to avoid screaming in the library. Along side him I read a number of feminist apologists. They may call for a return to the pure gospel of liberation, but none of them ever sight any scripture. It's an odd thing to say (particularly for me) but Dobson's right. If the Bible is true, then the power structures are also true. There is no scriptural justification for woman's liberation and there are *plenty* of justifications (also examples) of the subordination of women.

Atheist agrees with evangelicals. There is *a lot* of scriptural justification for female bondage.
You lost me at "the Bible and the 'C'hurch have..."

An ex of mine wore a shirt that stated 'doing my best to piss off the radical right' back in 2000 at the vote recount protests... now look where we are.

Michael Moore captured that moment (Frnheit 911 DVD) and so much more; so far.



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