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The big deal for me is that my festivus is over now and I don't have to worry about it again until next year. My next big worry is April 15th. My wife claims she doesn't discuss our taxes with others, and she keeps on getting this advice that we would'nt have to pay if we used a different tax man. You cannot invent things or pull deductions out of thin air. Numbers do not lie. What in the fricking hell is wrong with people, and why don't they leave me alone?

"See this new car I'm driving. I got it because I was smart enough to use the right tax man." No, bitch! You got the car because you work a minimum wage job and you have 8 kids. Screw you, and leave my wife alone!

ouch. money works; until the miserable kicks in... ? are you speaking of the human-money-bubble of happiness theory? trapped in poverty (thanks to greedy cream scraping types) or trapped in luxury.. hrmmm? jk. there's always tomorrow if you're healthy. health is the supreme wealth...

seen Elysium w/Matt Daomon>? u should




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