Few (If Any) Progressives on Clinton's Transition Team

Few (If Any) Progressives on Clinton's Transition Team

"Former financial regulator Bill Black explains how this will affect the policy she would pursue on the TPP, foreign policy, and the environment during her first term."

Bill Black is one of the persons I follow on policy issues. He is the author of THE BEST WAY TO ROB A BANK IS TO OWN ONE

"He was deputy director of the National Commission on Financial Institution Reform, Recovery and Enforcement. Black developed the concept of "control fraud" frauds in which the CEO or head of state uses the entity as a "weapon." Control frauds cause greater financial losses than all other forms of property crime combined. He recently helped the World Bank develop anti-corruption initiatives and served as an expert for OFHEO in its enforcement action against Fannie Mae's former senior management."

When the focus should be on getting off fossil fuels and developing alternative energy sources, Hillary advisors appear to be on the far right.

"Hillary Clinton has attempted to rebrand herself as a progressive that's come out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which she of course was always in favor of before the campaign, has come out against the Keystone pipeline that she was in favor of before. But both her choice of vice president, Tim Kaine, the person who was number two on her shortlist for vice president, Vilsack, and now Salazar, these are all PLC acolytes who worship at basically the Reagan school of--Ronald Reagan school of economics."

~ Bill Black

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Obama hasn't looked progressive to most of us because we are solidly progressive, and would approach every issue from that viewpoint.  To the extreme right, Obama has been hideously progressive (odd usage), because he has often moved that direction -- too far by far for them; not nearly far enough for us.  If Obama had been provided with a true Democratic Congress (not Blue Dog, which to us looks just like Republican), he would have progressived them half to death.  In retrospect I can see that part of my expectation came, not from him, but from me, projecting a consistency upon him which he never espoused.  I expect Hillary to be even more disappointing than Obama has been; when the Democratic party edged Bernie Sanders out of the race, virtually all of his influence went with him.

We can't afford any more of those who hesitate to take climate change by the horns. Sadly, Obama had no support from Congress, but I don't think he wants to shut down fossil fuels and focus on alternative energy. 

Obama's approval of Arctic drilling 'undermines his climate message'

Tuesday 1 September 2015  

The greatest oil boom in this nation's history has occurred during ...

January 28, 2015: 4:32 PM ET

Obama Should Let Fossil Fuels Lie

Hillary appears to be more "business as usual" even though this is not what the public would like to see. I keep hearing about her e-mails and now it's said that her servers were set up this way because of the Clinton Foundation, and that this was wrong, etc. etc. If she is elected the foundation will most likely have to be run by Chelsea, as if this would make any difference. (It's so ignorant what you have to do to serve in the public trust.)

On the other hand, we will likely see nothing of Trump's finances or tax returns, deals good or bad, or even hear anything about his many wives. There was a time that the GOP would insist upon one marriage only but we knew that was changing when they supported a Mormon.

This election year is a 3 ring circus.




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