FFRF's "Fool Me Once" campaign takes on Oct. 21 Rapture prediction

You've heard the old proverb, "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Well that's the theme of a new billboard campaign that thumbs its nose at Harold Camping's bible-based prediction that the world will end on Friday, Oct. 21st. Camping is the 90-year-old California-based Christian radio media mogul who predicted the Rapture would occur May 21st followed by the end of the world on Oct. 21st. 2000 Billboards were put up all over the county to tell people to repent before it was too late. Tens of thousands of his followers gave up jobs and homes and life-savings in anticipation of their imminent physical translation to Heaven. When May 21 came and went without any Christians floating bodily up in the sky, the puzzled Camping said the Rapture must have occurred spiritually rather than physically but that the Earth would still be destroyed in October.


This time though, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is reacting with a little billboard campaign of their own. They can't afford to spend the estimated $100 million Harold Camping and his followers spent advertising the end of the world so they're only putting up 40 billboards in Oakland, where Camping lives and his Family Radio corporation has its offices. Two more will go up in nearby San Francisco.


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Just think of how many people that 100 million could have helped. How many people's homes could have been saved from foreclosure. How many unemployeed people could have benefitted trough acts of charity. Christians are such effin' hypocrites.
Couldn't you say the same, to a much lesser degree, regarding the FFRF's billboards?

Yes. And no.


End of world quacks and theism in general is pointless. It was pure money wasted, except for the salaries it helped pay. Okay, that's one good thing cuz people gotta work. But fighting against religion is not pointless. It is needed, because religion is so predatory and destructive.


But yes in the sense that the FFRF could have actually spent less on those boards and actually helped people with that money. That would have been a good thing.  




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