Fig Leaf Newton Spins Homophobic Past and Explains Yet Prejudicial "Civil Unions"

"The effort to create alternatives to marriage between a man and a woman are perfectly natural pagan behaviors, but they are a fundamental violation of our civilization.”  After serially chased skirts and three opportunistic marriages, this guy has the nerve to say civil unions is as far as he can allow.  Doesn't he mean as far as the Vatican will allow?  Newtie is the worst form of Catholic, sinning so he can confess.  But he has never confessed what he and his painted wife were doing with $500K accounts His and Hers at Tiffany's.  Did that money come from Nevada?  Just wondering....

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Gingrich, like the other GOP homophobes, is grasping at straws.  This particular fight is slipping away from them, and it's time they recognized that and moved on.  Three states ratified the right to gay marriage in the last election.  DoMA is living on borrowed time, and as for Prop 8, the winds have changed regarding gay marriage in the United States.  As much as SCOTUS wants to claim that they are independent of public opinion, this is one place where they had better listen and listen hard.  My sense is that, if they do not and rule in favor of Prop 8, the backlash will be very loud, very public and not very pretty.

If there is any single indicator that the Republican Party needs to reconsider their anachronistic thinking, here it is.  They have lost this round.  They need to admit it.

Loren, what sort of backlash do you think would happen?

To start: protests - LOUD ones, at the Supreme Court building and all over the US.  Consider that this would only be the second time that SCOTUS had confirmed second-class citizenship for a minority in the US.  It might be possible that hose states which have granted gay marriage rights to their citizens would very likely file notices regarding the Supreme Court's ruling, indicating their intent NOT to recognize or respect said decision.

It could get uglier, too, including threats against those justices voting in favor of Prop 8 and a movement to impeach those judges.  They just voted against RIGHTS FOR PEOPLE ... a pretty sad state of affairs, considering that they voted FOR rights for corporations with the Citizens United decision.  With a ruling in favor of Prop 8 added to that, they will have demonstrated a near-complete disconnect, both from the law and the people the law governs, and they will be flirting with a word they may not like too well:


Loren, if it goes the other way, do you think the right wing will move to impeach the judges they think betrayed them?  And protests, al la Tea Party?  If the judges are going to weigh popular opinion, nationwide wouldn't they be more prudent to decide against equality?

I'm not disagreeing with you.  I do have an iron in this fire, and I strongly want equality.  My questions relate to measuring the public, and judicial, attitudes.

Too much botox.

Amazing they have a catholic blessed union.  Even Henry VIII had to break away from the catholic church and pope, to dump first wife Catherine for Anne Boleyn.  Of course, that didn't work out so well for Boleyn, who Henry had decapitated 3 years later.  Possibly because she bore no living male heirs during that 3 years.

Well, Newt is no HenryVII so Callista probably doesn't have to fear for her lack of fecundity.  I thought marriage was for production of progeny.  It appears that Newtlista are less fertile than many lgbt couples.  But they still get to be Catholic and married.


I have to wonder: does Callista come from Stepford, Connecticut?  Wouldn't surprise me.

Yes.  She is on these pills that she takes at precisely the same time every day.  She never talks back to her husband.  She always has dinner ready for him when he comes home.  She does everything he says to do.

Loren, excellent point!

That was precisely the question I had, Sentient B. What relevance does the RCC have anymore, and why don't the congregants sever all ties with the Vatican and priestly pyramid scheme, the big guy getting rare wines, plus digs at Castel Gandolfo, and other goodies.  If you divorce you are not supposed to be married again as a Catholic, or so I was told growing up.  I heard divorce is a Number One Huge BooBoo in Roman Catholicism, forcing men and women to go on making themsleves (and everyone else) miserable for years and years just because the Church tells you to.  But the Vatican is smart enough to know that its days are numbered in the U.S.  Former Catholics line the pews at the mega-churches, and the pedophile pay-offs cost plenty.  Nor do U.S. Catholics always practice what the Pop preaches.  Losing money, Pope Fritz may have to drink a Merlot tonight instead of Chateau Neuf du Pape.

James, that the RCC has a lot of relevance to its congregants saddens me considerably.

Sometimes I want to make a list of attributes conducive to human happiness. What discourages me is knowing that RCC congregants occupy the lower region of the normal curve with respect to those attributes.

It's reasonable to conclude that the RCC's purpose is to put its congregants in that region of the normal curve. One result  is that many RCC leaders occupy a higher region of the curve.

It still sounds like a Ponzi scheme to me.

Newt has for years been demonstrating his fertile imagination.


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