Hey all, I'm home! :) There's not a lot of places to speak freely about being an Atheist without some good ol' fashioned hate mail, so this will be a great change. I'm a pretty basic person other than that whole critical thinking stuff that seems to land me in rapture territory. 

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Me too, but hell I get shot down sometimes. All part of the fun! Welcome to A/N
thanks yo
I find the attempted conversions worse than the 'hate' reaction, living in rural Ireland most people just think I am mad, or going through a phase. I spent 15 years in Liverpool where 'born again' christianity seems to really be on the increase. I find myself utterly unable to argue rationally with teary eyed fanatics who beg you to feel something 'in here', as they beat their breasts. And I become increasingly frustrated as they become increasingly pious looking. Of course I think of all the clever things I should have said once I get home, but then there's only god to me. (joke) You can argue with someone who is a little bit wrong or who has a different opinion to you because you are both working on roughly the same level of reality and reason, but its impossibly when its someone revelling in their own lack of logic as if that in itself somehow proves their point. I also have no idea why I am such a magnet to these guys.




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