Old atheists never die, they just......................

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...realize that being worm food is more logical.

...let their hairs turn gray after hearing the vicious circle religious argument again!

...return to the same place they were before they were born.

...realize how to live forever by science, not God.
wait for the flying spaghetti monster to touch them with his noodley appendage.
sit around waiting for the universe to contract and watch the next big bang!
... hitch a ride on a Vogon spacecraft, stick a Babelfish in their ear, and spend the rest of eternity as a figment of Douglas Adams' imagination (and avoiding Vogon poetry).
Old atheists don't die, they just finish the equation.
we are stardust we are golden and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden.
This is one way to do just that.
Worm food = stardust, I like it.
have their heads attached to a monkey body.
assume room temperature.
scare the be'jezuz outta jesus freaks
Yeah, that's what I'm doing just about all the time now Graham, just whining about God, NOT!!
...ascend (as in Stargate :))



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