finite resources, the bane of capitalism and what role world government might play

this discussion stems from a discussion i had with lary9. if u really, really like law and economics u might like this. anyway, to motivate the discussion, i'll throw in my post to lary9 i made after he mentioned the problem of capitalism and finite resources:


Lary9 - 

u made a couple of good points in a couple of places that i believe deserves a global reply with which to adequately respond.


u said, 


"Viewed through a Marxist socialistic filter, it makes sense. Capitalism needs a static, unaffected climate to self-justify its unregulated gorging on the earth's resources as if it held exclusive dominion over them."


well, that is interesting. i have had discussions with some friends who advocate/support capitalism and have tried to explain to them two things:


1. capitalism may produce the strongest economic response of any economic system tried so far (a common argument of capitalist apologists), but material wealth alone cannot address all the issues that even conservatives themselves want to see addressed. this argument is not wholly invalid but it is a huge red herring.


2. technological change is creating an unprecedented situation where the ability of legislators to regulate capitalism is rapidly eroding due to its inability to keep up with the change technology is precipitating. capitalist asset holders are ruthlessly exploiting this fact by subverting any semblance of regulation of capitalism. the result, ultimately, is an economic tyranny, which is exactly what is being created globally right now.


now, circling back to ur comment, that is exactly what is going on globally right now. resources are running thin and capitalists are panicking. they are in a mad resource grab because their incessant and never-ending thirst to expand markets cannot be quenched because the resources available are finite. they have managed to push consumption without apparent bound, but they are beginning to hit a brick wall on the supply side. this is creating an extremely volatile and dangerous global situation, IMO.


i believe there *is* an economic system that can enjoy responsible, strong economic performance while having the added virtue of being a just and fair system. of course, it is my idea, which i can share given considerable space to do so.


Soooooo, i've posted a constitution i wrote as a blog. this could be a really, really long discussion.


anyway, my ideas on the "answer" to this are in my last 3 blog posts; the constitution and the executive summary of General Federalism. i'd love some feedback ...



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