Fire everyone at work! (Any small business owners out there?)

Okay, I'm not sure if this should go here or in the "water cooler" section, but here goes.  It's not even really an "atheist" topic, but it is "community" I guess.  I just have to vent somewhere and I trust the Nexus more than gossipy facebook.  (And even though I live in New York, I don't think any of my work friends are on this network.)

Here it is.  I run a small company and work my ass off during this recession.  I'm the top biller and I'm here almost every weekend.  Of course I'm the boss/owner so I believe I SHOULD be working harder, but here's the bottom line.  I recently had to come in on my daughters' birthday, (one of the ONLY personal days I take), because I found out half the fucking staff wasn't in on time to take care of a very important client.  

I'm sooooooo fucking mad.  I'm generally a nice boss, but I feel like firing every one. (15 employees).  It's really hard to explain this feeling to people who haven't run their own companies.  I know a lot of bosses suck, and are greedy lazy egomaniacs.  But I give my employees good benefits, free fucking lunch, parties for people's baby showers and birthdays and shit.  And this is how they fucking repay me!!!  I take one day off and more that 50% of them show up almost an hour late!!!

Jesus.  (Sorry, the lord's name in vain just works for me.  Even if he isn't the lord of anything.)  But what do I have to do?  In a capitalist system do bosses just have to be assholes?  Do I have to curse at everyone and threaten them all the mother fucking time?  Don't they know how lucky they are to have a fucking job these days!!  Jesus fucking H. Christ.  (There he is again!  I guess he IS all powerful!)  

Seriously, any other Bosses out there ready to vent?  I'd love to hear other stories.  Or if anyone knows a "bosses" forum somewhere.  Let me know.



PS - I don't mind hearing views of NON-bosses too.  Despite the bile above, I actually like to see the other sides' viewpoint.  I really want to scream at everyone Monday morning even though it's not everyone's fault.  In the past I'm always afraid of "lowering morale".  But it's about time they give a shit about MY morale.  You know?  I'd really love to hear everyone's thoughts.

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So.....what was the problem?
The problem? I explained it in my original post. But basically I was just venting. My General Manager talked me off the ledge too. We ARE deciding to talk to people individually.
I'm glad it all worked out well. My work experience recently has been awful and now I can't find anything. Hopefully your regular trust in the employees as a whole will not be too diminished by this behavior. It seems that some of them clearly do not realize just how lucky they are, not just to have work, but much more importantly, to be trusted to do it without micromanagement.
greedy lazy egomaniacs...
ugh hugh




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