Fired from my job because of a post I made on a forum here

Its been a while since I've posted, but some of you might remember this post I made back in August when I was debating about taking the job because of its religious affiliations. Well, last night my boss googled my name. Who knows why. She fired me for it. She wanted me to delete it, but I refused. I'm really feeling like shit right now. I probably shouldn't be writing this as she will probably look for a legal way to make me remove the first post I made.

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Before you do anything - did you have a formal employment contract ? If you did, read it VERY carefully. Preferably with a lawyer if you know one.
Ashley thanks for contacting me. I have begun inquiring to others about your situation (including Margaret Downy as someone suggested). I have friends with ties to the upper echelons of the ACLU who I am contacting as well. The only concern I have is that the school was religiously oriented. They may be protected like they are with homosexuals. I'll be in touch.
Isn't discrimination, based on religion, illegal? If so, I wonder what your chances are of a law suit.
You have a mind like a steel trap.
I googled my name (though Sonny isn't my legal name, it is actual James{ick}) and the first things to come up was my Atheist nexus page. Bring it on, I say.
Im with you Sonny!! The whole world can see me..thats right SETH GECKO!!! i say bring it on.....o.... my real name....nevermind.
I googled my name and everything that came up was about killing songbirds. Yikes!

I'd like to suggest that, once someone changes their name on site that people interacting with said person don't continue to use their old name.
Please keep us posted, lost in translation.
Wow! First, my thoughts on your original post are that: 1) there's clearly nothing offensive in it and 2) 18k - 20k is too little money for a McDonald's burger flipper, let alone someone with a college degree.

I wish you luck with any legal action you take, and I hope you take all the legal action available to you. I agree with a poster who suggested it might be time for an atheist legal defense fund; I wonder how we'd set such a thing up. Also, perhaps it's time for a letter-writing campaign. If you post the e-mail addresses of your supervisor, of her supervisor and of your congresspeople I'm sure many people on these boards (myself included) would be happy to send e-mails explaining exactly how we feel about this situation.
I don't even think should be just about being atheist, but about anyone whose employer discriminates based on their personal life.




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