Fired from my job because of a post I made on a forum here

Its been a while since I've posted, but some of you might remember this post I made back in August when I was debating about taking the job because of its religious affiliations. Well, last night my boss googled my name. Who knows why. She fired me for it. She wanted me to delete it, but I refused. I'm really feeling like shit right now. I probably shouldn't be writing this as she will probably look for a legal way to make me remove the first post I made.

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I'm self-employed. I have many clients. If my views on religion became known I'd probably lose the majority of them.
We can talk about freedom of and from religion in the U.S. but the reality is that's as much a fantasy as god is.
I'm really sorry for your job loss. Maybe when I retire I can help to do something about religious discrimination in the U.S. If I do something of a public nature now, odds are I won't be able to retire.
At the current time I'm having email arguments with a preacher dealing with the existence of god. Quite frankly I'm a bit frightened of it getting out.
I'm sorry for what happened to you and I agree with the comments posted here. Hiding our identities and refusing to disclose our beliefs/lack of beliefs is a form of "don't ask don't tell" and are valid for the same reasons. I agree that openly coming out is important but that not all can afford to do that. I hope you do get the legal advice. Good luck to you.
Who does this witch think she is? You can not get fired from a job by posting on a forum on the internet as it is called freedom of speech and expression. Your boss broke the law by firing you and you need to sue her to get your job back. Notify the ACLU of your firing. By law every day you were off your job your boss has to pay all your back pay just as if you were still there. It is against the law to fire some one for them expressing their right to freedom of speech. I have been an officer of two different courts as well as in law enforcement most of my life as well as being in the civil rights movement, so I know what I am talking about. Don't let her get away with it or she will eventually start committing more serious crimes. Stopping her criminal actitives now will send a clear message to other such criminals "you can not break the law and go unpunished."




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