Fired from my job because of a post I made on a forum here

Its been a while since I've posted, but some of you might remember this post I made back in August when I was debating about taking the job because of its religious affiliations. Well, last night my boss googled my name. Who knows why. She fired me for it. She wanted me to delete it, but I refused. I'm really feeling like shit right now. I probably shouldn't be writing this as she will probably look for a legal way to make me remove the first post I made.

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Good point. Thank you.
I'm one of those people too stubborn to keep these things hidden, I'm way too proud to be an athiest to be carefully modest. I would never back down from the things I believe and I'm really glade you didn't. Even if it cost me a million jobs and everyone, religious or not agrees. I can't imagine why that man would think he had any right to tell you to take it down, being an athiest is such a mild issue to get fired over. Tell that guy to calm down and un-fire you before you take him to court for a million reasons!
You know, I'm the same way Caitlin. I'm very stubborn. When I feel like I am being treated less than or taken advantage of I speak up... Sadly, I feel that lately its just not working out in my favor. I am a really nice person. I'll work as hard as I need to. I'll go above and beyond. I only want to be treated fairly, but I guess the old saying that "life isn't fair" keeps proving itself over and over. Because I just lost my job so I am a bit gloomy in general, and at this point I am probably rambling, but I wonder when I should back down vs. speak up.... and I wonder if I speak up too much or get offended too easily at times.

Meh meh meh.
hey, it is atheist!
Me too Caitlin, me too.
I see no difference between what your boss did than if he had fired you for being a Muslim, Sikh, Republican, or whatever. It is belief based discrimination. It isn't the fact that you are atheist but the fact that you don't believe the same thing that he believes. As long as you didn't misrepresent yourself as a Christian you should have a strong case.
I never disclosed my religion.
It might be nice to also get more evidence though.
Like a tape-recorded conversation of you confronting her about why she fired you...
That's what I was going to suggest in private, but you've changed your name now.
That's so treacherous. I'm in school now and we've been warned ad nauseum about how employers look you up online and either fire or don't hire you (and how they can look back 7 years, even if it's marked private, and other things that filled me with paranoia). I previously worked at a place that didn't give a rat's ass about invading people's privacy (they also didn't give a rat's ass about giving people a raise) and it just didn't occur to me that employers would waste time and money on things like this, so if I've fucked myself over, it's probably pretty irreversible at this point. When I hear of things like this I think employers just plain like to be mean, and employees are just not allowed to have personalities.

Anyone who thinks this is OK and "people should just be smart about what they write online"--what you write online is what helps you network with similar people. It's not just a matter of seeing whether someone writes about being a crackhead or reveals their drama to the world; it's just another way to discriminate based on prejudices. Someone could write online about being non-heterosexual, being in an open relationship, being into BDSM, being of an "alternative" religion, being of a particular political belief--or being atheist. This is how people meet others with similar interests and if I had a squeaky-clean profile on OKcupid I would never have met some of my friends. I'd rather have them than be friendless and have some employer that owns my behavior 24/7.

I did end up getting a job. The employers had the word "God" on their wall a few times but that doesn't bother me, and it's still illegal to discriminate based on religion. I hope you do successfully take action and I hope more people do.
Ashley. I'm so sorry to hear that this happened to you.

If it's any consolation you're not alone.

I lost a job after a month because my Boss was a fundy and I was honest when he asked me about my religion.

I now use an alias online and when anyone asks me on the job I politely refuse to answer.

I encourage you to accept Brother Richard's offer and deal with this legally.

It's time a message was sent that it's illegal to discriminate against atheists.

Best of luck to you.
You need to e-mail Margaret Downey about this. She has a profile here on Atheist Nexus.
Wow, another activist with some rep. 'Glad I found out about her.




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