Ok lets begin, show off pics of stuff youd made even if it looks nasty lol^_^

my first actual sculpture cake, a car (most thought it was a voltswagen, it was really a toyota lol note the logo )

Bf's bday cake, the great Marilyn Manson, i edited the pic on photoshop and laminated it (a lot thought i painted it, flatered as I was teheehe)

and last but not least, some strawberry mousse tarts i did on dinner, god they were good, still lookin for the damn recipe me and my retarded ass lost it >_p style="text-align: left;">

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lol thnx and no, were suppose to be covering that this week

very proud first ever cake i designed and made (not real cake though just a dummy) the cheetah and cow pattern was relativly easy to make, over all i luvs it ^___^




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