Maybe something low key, possibly meeting at a cafe, somewhere centrally located? I think the place could be chosen according to who plans to attend (due to distance). How does January or February sound? Any interest in socializing, as well as (possibly) planning something for Darwin Day?

If someone is a member of the Burlington Atheists and Humanist group, and would like to talk this up over there once we've got a date, time, and place, that would be great.

Folks who are uncomfortable in social situations shouldn't feel like they'll be less a part of this group if they don't show up. However, RSVPs from those who are likely to come would be good.

If people want to start tossing out possible dates and places, that would be great.

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How about if we set Sapa's as our primary meeting place, since the folks from the Burlington Meetup groups have been using it, and if it is full, we could meet at Muddy Waters.
Okey doke! Sapa's it is. We could use Muddy Waters as a back-up, in case Sapa's is full. I also heard that Sapa's has changed ownership recently. Not sure how that will or won't effect social gatherings there.
That sounds great. Deep and Meaningful will be meeting there at 4:00 that day (if nothing changes between now and then) so the timing is perfect. And anyone interested in staying over for that meeting is extremely welcome. Jon (the coordinator) hasn't posted a topic that far out yet, so I'm not sure what we'll be discussing, but as always I'm sure the conversation will be interesting.

As far as parking, as someone else said, parking is free on Sundays in Burlington and that includes the public garages. Sapa's itself does not have parking, it is right on the street. The south entrance of the main downtown garage is literally about 150 ft from Sapa's (just north), where Center St (the street Sapa's is on) intersects with Bank Street.

If you need directions for Sapa's just google "Sapa's burlilngton vt" or click here:'s+burlington+vt&fb=1&gl=us&hq=sapa's&hnear=burlington+vt&cid=0,0,11913566140385070730&ei=G1jDS8zVO4P-8AaS1Y35CA&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=3&ved=0CBIQnwIwAg

Muddy Waters is just a couple of blocks south as well. I look forward to meeting people! Thanks for putting this together Grudgetta.

Sherrie Fuqua
You're welcome, but I couldn't have done it without people in this group, and the ability to post things to Meet-up.

I didn't realize that Deep and Meaningful would be meeting later the same day. That's great! Jon is a member here, we just haven't heard much from him yet. I suspect he's busy.

Unfortunately, the link you posted doesn't work. However, the information is linked to in the big email I've sent to everyone, and also in the information section of this group. Here it is again.

That's great that you'll be able to be there, Sherrie!
I've posted concise information about our get-together in the Vermont Non-Theist Resources section on the front page of our group. I'll send one mass email to announce our finalized plans, and then a reminder closer to the date.

It would be great to have RSVPs here, just to know whether or not we should try to get a stadium, rather than meeting at Sapa.

So, unless my shared car breaks down, or I'm ill, or some emergency detains me, I'll be there with my cohabi-tater. I'll try to procure a Grundgetta button before we meet, because I don't actually look like her. If only I had bought an Atheist Nexus t-shirt when they were available.
Unforeseen scheduling conflicts will not allow me to attend this meeting. (I don't really do emoticons so just imagine a sad/angry face here). However, if another meetup is planned, I'll work very hard to come to the next one.
Ah well... I'm sure there will be other times.
Theoretically I'm supposed to be out of Vermont and on to the wandering life for the month of May, but there is at least a 37 % chance I might stay to make it. Either way, I hope the group keeps momentum for if/when I return to the area next fall. Glad this is finally happening !
Heh. Instead of saying "good luck", I always say "May statistical probability be in your favor". Thanks for giving me the opportunity.

Anyhow, hope you can make it, but if not... we'll still be here when/if you return.
Well, I've penciled it into my calendar which greatly increases said statistical probability.
One more week!




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