Maybe something low key, possibly meeting at a cafe, somewhere centrally located? I think the place could be chosen according to who plans to attend (due to distance). How does January or February sound? Any interest in socializing, as well as (possibly) planning something for Darwin Day?

If someone is a member of the Burlington Atheists and Humanist group, and would like to talk this up over there once we've got a date, time, and place, that would be great.

Folks who are uncomfortable in social situations shouldn't feel like they'll be less a part of this group if they don't show up. However, RSVPs from those who are likely to come would be good.

If people want to start tossing out possible dates and places, that would be great.

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Burlington is a little far away, but I have friends/family there, so I could
make a day of it.
Right now my work schedule is insane - I only get 3 days off per month, all of which are Sundays. So, if it's anything other than a Sunday, count me out.
Or, if it's not before June, count me out as well, since I'll be rather occupied with the duties of first time fatherhood. :)
Church st sounds great to me. Weekday nights I can do for the most part or anytime on the weekend. Muddy Waters is my vote for a good coffee place (technically main st but close enough). I'm also down for doing it more than once if people further south find it easier to meet in Middlebury or something too.
Middlebury would also work well for me if people want to set up something there also. Theres a few nice restaurants and at least one or two small coffee type places that would work.
I was waiting for people to post their dates and times of availability...

Weeknights would be a bit of a push for me, as it's a three hour round trip from my place to Burlington and back. Also, I could get my cohabi-tater to attend if it was on a weekend. I'm booked for April 24, 25th, and May 1st, but May 2 would work. I don't care where as long as there is parking and no cigarette smoke.
I just joined Meet-up and left a note that the Burlington Humanist and Atheist group should join forces with us.
How does May 2nd in Burlington on or near Church St. sound? How about 2 PM? Does anyone have any location suggestions? Please also consider that people will be coming from outside Burlington and will probably need parking. Having a site near a bus stop might also be helpful.

The Deep and Meaningful Conversation Group in Burlington uses:
Sapa's Coffee and Tea House
9 Center St
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 318-4888

Evidently this is near the Fletcher Free Library. I don't know how parking is there, but I can imagine it's near a bus stop. People on Meetup have reviewed it with 4 or 5 stars, but it sounds like it wouldn't work for a larger group (i.e. more than ten people).

If you can come on the 2nd, but 2 PM does not work for you, please pipe up soon. Also, Burlington area folks, if you have any venue suggestions, please post them. If people's schedues have changed, and no one can make it on the 2nd, please pipe up with that, also.

I suspect Meetup will be a good resource to find information about how good different locations are for gatherings.
May 2 at 2pm would work for me.
Excellent! Do you know if Sapa's has good, free parking?
This works for me as well
Great! Do you know what parking is like near Muddy Waters?
I think the street parking downtown is free on Sundays and not usually hard to find a spot at that time. There's also two parking garages that are free for the first two hours (not sure what they cost after that). Same applies to Sapa, they're both right downtown.




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