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I decided to join cause sometimes you just want to talk to like minded people. I like to believe I'm somewhat firm in my "beliefs" and sometimes that gets me into trouble. Looking forward to talk to you all.

My question is: what brought you to Atheist Nexus?

Hello Brittney,

I'm a new member here too!

I found out about atheistnexus on atheism.about.com blog which is written by Austin Cline. I really love most of his posts but unfortunately he doesn't really write new articles now. In one of his posts, he wrote which atheist forums are most popular on the internet and one of them was atheistnexus.

I read that about a month ago, but didn't find time to join Atheist Nexus. But now that I have got the time, joined it!

Hi, and welcome!

You'll certainly find many different personalities and opinions here... and tastes in food and drink and music!

Bonjour et bienvenue à Atheist Nexus.
Je rejoint Atheist Nexus d'avoir du plaisir.
La vie est courte.

Greets, Brittney!  Welcome to Atheist Nexus.

To answer your question, I arrived here via another site where I used to participate.  Sadly, that place was poorly managed and supervised and seemed to be far more about style than substance, and I bailed.  I've been with A|N for well over four years, now, and I have very much enjoyed my time here.

Hope you do, too!

I did a google search on opinions about that anti-Islamic movie that got Muslims' panties all in a twirl.  I was dismayed to see all sorts of mainstream sites arguing for censorship.  A/N showed up in the search, not advocating genuflecting to bullies. 

So I joined.

Hi Brittney, I did a google search for atheist groups in my local area since I do not know anyone else who is and felt terribly alone. Still looking for a local group to meet with but found Nexus. I've gone from being marooned on a desert island to a large city of reason-able people. Welcome.

Hi Brittney. Glad you found us. As to why I am a member of A|N (atheist nexus), the truth is I just sort of stumbled upon it. One of the best tripping over my feet I ever did! Dive on in. We're an eclectic group with various and divers backgrounds, experiences, and outlooks. Sometimes, we argue, and engage in disputation. In the end, we all find there is something to learn from each other. Welcome.

same here Pat.  i was looking for an outlet since the things that were pissing me off weren't taking with my friends.  i had been a very open atheist for more than a decade, but watching a film like Religulous, or reading Dawkins, or noticing the rise of religion in politics, or seeing creationism bills introduced all over the US got me to seek out other non-believers.

Well I just joined today. I don't remember exactly how I found the site. Maybe through an article or something on here. But I noticed it was specifically for atheists. Some forum sites may have sections for atheists but this is fully dedicated to atheists. I also liked that I can hide my identity. Sorry but George is not my real name! On forums I'm already a member of my username is one I commonly use and anyone who knows me in real life would instantly know it was me. So here I don't have to worry about anyone stumbling upon this site and discovering my identity. Oh, and it's free!

Well, it does like money.  One way to do that is to do any Amazon shopping via the A/N link to Amazon.

What brought me here?  As a child, I was indoctrinated into the mormon church.  It took me a long time to break-out of that brainwashing, and another few years to fully become an atheist.  

While watching YouTube videos, I came across the ones from ex-mormons and from them learned of the site http://www.lifeaftermormonism.net/

I joined that site and enjoyed it for several years, but finally became fed-up with religious people that could see why mormonism was false, but not other religions.  Their stupidity and preaching became so annoying that I finally found this site from one of the other ex-mormons there.

I like this site so much that I've only briefly tried a few others.  None are as enjoyable as Atheist Nexus.


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