First the big Jesus statue off of i-75 and now this!

You know, for people who are always looking for signs from above, they aren't paying very close attention!

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Here is the other story, for those not from around here :-)

1st, it's Touchdown Jesus. Now, it's Ken "Smokehouse" Ham. Doth the wrath of Lord smite even the faithful, including fiberglass representations and velociraptors who live in peaceful villages? Woe unto those who are not gullible.

Faults image?

So ... lightning rods are good enough for churches, but they're not good enough for Ken Ham's tribute to stupidity.  Somehow, I suppose that actually follows!

Lightning Rods are a product of SCIENCE you sinner.

A good God fearing man like the staff at the creation museum would gladly accept the judgement of God and accept the lightning as just punishment.

Best you remember that that when you next are handling metal object outside during a storm.


Yo, MB!  :-P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  [chuckle!]

WTF? Ziplines create a lot of money, so why would gawd strike one with lightning? Maybe coz the dumbasses made a "creationist museum."

As for the tall statue of Jebus being struck and burned down, that's plain to figger out. It had to be a mockery coz nobody knows what he looked like. It was a graven image. At 62 feet tall it could have been a safety haggard.

Oral Roberts seen Jebus one time in Unclehomers and he was 70 feet tall. Oral was the only one who seen him thu.




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