I really try to be tolerant . But THIS really pushes my patience.

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You'll notice ratings and comments are disabled. This ought to be slander of the worse kind; the kind you take to court. I just flagged it as hate speech of the religious kind. But it already has over 240,000 views. These people know they can instigate hatred via religion because the people that believe this stupid shit are brainless to begin with.
but...but... I'm supposed to be the anti-christ! What am I going to do with myself now???
Well, apparently there are supposed to be 3 antichrists, so you can still be one of the other two.

It amazes me how many people buy this crap without even beginning to investigate the claims.
I will undertake, if anybody will pay for the job, to prove that the Hidden God of all the secret societies in European history was actually Bugs Bunny. -- Robert Anton Wilson

They want to see his dick too.
What's sadder is there's wishful, suicidal End-Timers who will see this delusion as a good sign. Now please excuse me while I go scream...
man, the bible is rife with strife and meaningless to this modern day society
(i went to catlick privy school 1-11th grade, never once bothered to read the damn thing)
there is nothing left to gain but what pastors pound into their flock and the corporations that print the crap; pushing racism all the way.

I wore my Darwin Day shirt to a funeral home today; with all the mentions of heaven and cross crap I'm sure they wanted to kick me out; And I have to go back as the guy that wore the shirt! : P

what else you wanna know?
how to enslave the population through a faith-based-monetary system?
some talking head on CSPAN said 'we' have a faith-based czar? WTF?
sounds like saudi arabia or many places in south america
f minus that crizap!

Wow! I wish these christian terrorists would spend as much energy researching something more constructive- like cancer cures or something- as they do on this BS...imagine how much better the world would be?
Also, I hope it's true...if the rapture the Xians want so badly does happen, I say good riddance! The planet will be so much more peaceful and understanding- if not more intelligent wihout them!
That would make them scientists... and that would be heathenism.

REPENT! lol.

So, this video... they loosely found a few hebrew words that share syllables with the name Barak Obama, found the same words in arbitrary points in a chapter of the bible, and tried to argue that this means Obama is satan.

... yeah, that sounds like the pathetically weak minded nature of Christians to me.
I saw stuff like this before the election. People are nuts.

I'm just gonna sit back and keep counting the days that there is no Rapture.
We should have a ticker on the home page!




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