I really try to be tolerant . But THIS really pushes my patience.

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This is nothing more than elementary name calling. My Texan classmates often exclaimed that I share a name with a bridge, but that doesn't mean I span waters to safely transport cars.
And if his name was in english "Lighting(or flash of light) and(or from because it fits conveniently) a high place (or heaven because it also fits what the slanderist is trying to convey)" That wouldn't make him any more Satanic than if his name were Bob Normalguy.
Sorry for preaching to the quire, but us odd namers get touchy I suppose.
You know, if the words of Jeebus are true, I'd say he is a pretty straight talker most of the time. If he wanted to reveal the name of the antichrist, why didn't he just say it: Verily, I say unto you. The name of the antichrist will be a negro named Barack Obama.
Aren't these the same folks at one point who thought GWBJR was also the anti-christ? I swear if Barack wasn't black this shit would not be going on. Time to call a spade a spade here folks. Some people can still not accept that we have a black president. Just can't and never will. It's racism under the guise of religion no more no less.
No kidding. We have an articulate educated person, with a calm demeanor, that makes promises about helping the community...and they act like he's eating babies....

Was it like this when Clinton was around? I know that there were anti-christ rumors(and they tried to fire him over a -legal- sexual relationship), but I'm too young to remember whether or not there were constant hissy fits on television.
The rhetoric has gotten worse sense the Bush debacle.
*rolls eyes... sigh* When are they going to give up on us and let us be hethans already?




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