Five people hospitalized after firewalking at Tony Robbins event in Dallas

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Personally the thought of extended deterioration is much more frightening than the thought of death.

As medical progress continues, increasing compression of morbidity should reduce the period of deterioration considerably. 

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel has argued that due to physical disabilities life after 75 is essentially worthless and efforts of science and society to prolong it beyond that age are a bad use of scarce resources. Translated into practical measures that means no life-saving surgery or pain-reducing measures for anyone over 75, a brutal method for conserving society's resources.

Excellent article! He uses the term, "compassionate morbidity".That sounds good to me. 

If he believes that, why does he not expect to live to be well over 1000 or 10,000, or....

Yes it does, but originally it didn't. I don't understand. Here's another WaPo link to the story:




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