“Hey Bob, what has FLASH done lately?”… I’m posing that question to myself… And I’m going to answer it…

1.    Tallahassee Rally against Amendment 8: … FLASH was a co-sponsor.  FLASH members went up, participated.  Bob spoke to the assembled masses… FLASH spent $1500.00 to cosponsor.  FLASH members went up on their own dime…

2.    Sagan Day:  Highly successful!  We estimate over 400 people attended!.. Held at B.C. North.  In cooperation with JREF and CFI, we took over the area near the library and the adjacent auditorium for the day.  The dinner in honor of the presenters was held at the 15th Street Fisheries and Dockside Café the night before.  Due to brisk sales of T-shirts, our cost was minimal, a few hundred dollars.

3.    Websites: 4 meet up sites and one website:  about $100/month…

4.    The Great Debate:  Thank you, Liz, Darren, and the CFI at B.C. Central!  About 300 attended at the college last year!... We mopped up the apologist from Calvary Church.  Incredibly, there were nearly no people from the church there!...We anticipate more of those debates in the future.  (Yeah, I know, they don’t change minds, but it’s fun to watch the apologists squirm).

5.    Winter Solstice/End of the World Picnic/Campout:  Despite the damned cold weather we had about 20 participants (and 9 pumpkin pies!).  The bonfire roared all night and 7 hearties slept overnight.  $300.00 for the campsite and the food supplied by FLASH.

6.    Storage:  FLASH, in combination with CFI has its own storage place in Pembroke Pines… $100/month.

7.    Regional Atheist Meeting:  Held last year in conjunction with American Atheists.

OK, so what’s next, bob?... And how can I help?  Glad you asked!  Here are a few things we’d like to do, some of which are pie-in-the-sky, but, what the hell…

1.     Darwin Day coming up!  February 9th, 2013.  We always need volunteers for Sagan and Darwin Days!  We set up at 8am and break down at around 6pm.  If you can help in any way, let Bob or Chet or Jeanette know… my email: atheistbob@aol.com is where you could respond.  This will cost us a few thousand.

2.    We are planning more billboards in conjunction with American Atheists… cost: a few thousand.

3.    We are planning to advertise in “The Flyer”.  Each full page is $125 or more.

4.    We need new venues for our Monday,  Tuesday, and  Wednesday meet ups!  If you have any ideas, let me know at: atheistbob@aol.com.

5.    Summer/Winter Solstices:  We do them each year.  If you know of any venues that are better than Markham Park and the beach at Dania, let us know!

6.    Idea:  An Atheist Art/Music Festival:  A gathering of freethinking artists and here comes with the pitch)… yeah… Ken/Chet/Jeanette/mw others can’t sustain our goals with our donations!  We’, so anything you donate (large bills accepted here!)  We are a 501C3 organization, so donations are tax deductible!)

7.    Further:  If we ever get enough money and steady income… we’d love to have our own building where we could hold meetings, show movies, have lectures, etc.  (Anyone got half a mil?).

8.    We’d like to get our “2 cents” in on the family page of the Sun Sentinel, to rebut the foolishness of the apologists who frequent it now.

9.    Another regional RAM? 

10. More protests, more letter writing campaigns, more visits to legislators, more visits to town boards…

11. A TV show?  Radio show ?

12.  American Atheists Convention in March. Can we get a group together ? We need people to table there, too ! Let me know if you are interested....

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