What crime combines billions in annual earnings, sneaky accounting, a lack of media coverage, and the good Lord himself? Religious fraud. Conning the faithful, it turns out, is a lucrative art.

Christian leaders alone stole more than $27 billion in 2009, according to one estimate. Such leaders steal more money than is spent annually on global religious missions. Narrowing it down even more, Utah, arguably the fraud capital of the United States, has a fraud industry “double the size” of its ski industry.

An article on the Business Pundit web site describe 15 frauds by religious “leaders” that have bilked millions of the faithful of billions of dollars selling snake oil and swamp land (all, of course, in the name of god).

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When you think about it, much of organized religion is fraud. Bilking people for money is the ultimate form of fraud but pretending to know god`s will in small details is itself a form of fraud. And what about those scoundrel faith healers that James Randi has exposed? By its very nature(knowing the unknowable) organized religion is a hotbed of fraudulent words and deeds.
If it is seemingly ok for religious leaders to fleece their flocks would it also be ok if atheists sold some idiots some lies? I mean, they definitely do it and their people still go to church and cough up the money so the idiots must be comfortable with it. Does that make it ok?
I'm not sure one can be all right with anything before their perspective transcends the barrier of awareness. Hence, it's a non-point. Saving the saved from the saviour; that's on the menu... not communion wafers or collection-plate coins.
And many of the so called "grassroots organizations" with their 501c status are AstroTurf creations of the aforementioned bloodsuckers - like the teapublicans, financed and maintain with the money of the Koch brothers and their slimy minions.




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