Florida man cites ‘Bush doctrine’ after pre-emptive killing of neighbors at Labor Day cookout


Lawyers for a Florida man this week cited President George W. Bush’s pre-emptive war in Iraq and the “Bush Doctrine” as a defense after their client killed two neighbors and attempted to kill a third on Labor Day.

Florida Today reported on Wednesday that attorney’s for William T. Woodward had filed a motion asking for charges against him to be dismissed under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, which says that gun owners do not have a duty to retreat in the face of an “imminent” threat.

According to officials in Titusville, Woodward had snuck up on his neighbors while they were having a Labor Day barbecue. Police responding to the scene found that Gary Lee Hembree, Roger Picior and Bruce Timothy had all been shot.


very bad. very "saw it coming @ this end.. sorry folks

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Awful.  I hadn't heard about this, but it doesn't surprise me, with the FL laws being what they are.  Sadly, this will waste lots of time and money and they'll probably let him walk.

Not certain I'd bet on that.  Let this guy go through a psyche profiling and I'll bet we find a looney-toon!

If the neighbors were eating Skittles and wearing hoodies, stand your ground might apply.  Florida jury is sympathetic to the imminent threat involved with packaged candies.  No racial issues there of course.

Otherwise, I imagine they will keep him behind bars. 

Florida is a strange place.

I really hope so, but you're right... Florida IS a strange place.  

LOL Droll and on target.

I thought the insanity of violence in South Africa was incomprehensible but in the land of the free, the insanity is completely surreal. Monty Pythonesque if it wasn't real. Wow.

Presumably this is tongue in cheek commentary here

Lest anyone actually think this would be covered under 'stand your ground', it won't. Nor will pre-emptive strike. The guy is a nutcase, and the lawyers are just playing the defense he wants to play.


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